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FFD - Knight

The Paladin is a job in Final Fantasy Dimensions obtained in the seventh chapter of Tome of the Light. In the Japanese version of the game, the job instead named Knight (ナイト, Naito?).


The party is clad in knight armor. Sarah's outfit seems to have an uncanny resemblance to Celes Chere in Final Fantasy 6.


  • Innate Abilities: Holy Blade, Cover
  • Equipment: Swords, Holy Swords, Axes, Shields, Helmets, Armor

Holy BladeEdit

Ability Job Level AP Needed MP Slots Description
Charge 0 0 28 Damages a single enemy and then all other enemies.
Holy Blade 1 35 2 Grants the ability to use "Holy Blade" techniques.
---- 2 55
Pommel 3 80 15 Attacks a single target and inflicts Paralyze, halting actions.
---- 4 100
Cover 5 130 1 Takes damage in place of critically injured allies.
---- 6 160
Mighty Guard 7 190 48 Reduces physical and magical damage received by all allies.
---- 8 220
Guard 9 250 10 Until next turn, nullifies all physical attacks used against self.
Slot+1 10 280 Number of slots increase by one.
Damage > HP 11 300 Recharges MP proportional to damage taken
---- 12 330
---- 13 360
Doublehand 14 380 2 Able to equip a weapon in both hands to increase damage.
---- 15 400
---- 16 420
---- 17 440
Wide Slash 18 440 35 Attacks all enemies.
Slot+1 19 470 Number of slots increase by one.
Ivory Slash 20 490 28 Deals light damage to a single target.



The paladins, sometimes known as the Twelve Peers, were the foremost warriors of Charlemagne's court, according to the literary cycle known as the Matter of France.

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