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The Palace of the Dead is a location in Final Fantasy XIV, added in Patch 3.35.

The Palace of the Dead is an ever-changing dungeon whose architecture is never quite the same each time players enter to explore its depths. All players will begin at level one, and only by fighting the enemies within will they be able to gain the strength and experience needed to reach the final floor. For those stout-hearted adventurers who have decided to take the plunge: be sure to ready your aetherpool armor and arms because in this spectral labyrinth, it may be your only hope of making it out in one piece.


In the subterranean city of Gelmorra, deep within a forgotten corner of Issom--Har, stout-hearted explorers have uncovered the entrance to a labyrinthine dungeon. Those who set foot inside its maddening halls find their vigor drained by an irresistible fog of innervation, and repeated excursions have failed to map its seemingly inconstant architecture. After hearing chilling accounts of spectral denizens, locals took to whispering of a "Palace of the Dead," and the Wood Wailers now seek the assistance of adventurers in laying bare its haunted secrets...


Players may access the Deep Dungeon after completing the quest "The House That Death Built" in New Gridania (requires at least level 17 and completion of "Into a Copper Hell" Main Scenario quest). By speaking to the Wood Wailer Attendant in Quarrymill, players can register to enter either as a pre-made group, or solo to let Duty Finder match them with three others. Unlike typical dungeon content, parties aren't restricted to set roles.

The Palace of the Dead employs a set of rules unique to the deep dungeon:

Character GrowthEdit

Players will start at level 1 regardless of their current class or job level. By defeating monsters that appear in the dungeon, players will be able to gain EXP and level their characters up to 60. The levels gained in progression of the dungeon, however, will not be the same as what players will receive upon clearing.

All enemies players encounter in the Palace of the Dead will give a fixed amount of EXP regardless of the number of members in your party or the difference in level between you and the enemy. Rested experience and experience bonuses from food will also be ignored.

There will be no adjustments to or restrictions on any actions, additional actions, or statuses. However, players must first reach the required level in the dungeon to have access to them. Players will even have the opportunity to gain actions and statuses above their current level regardless of whether or not they have completed the necessary class or job quests.

Aetherpool GearEdit

Players will be restricted to the use of an aetherpool arm and aetherpool armor when inside the Palace of the Dead. In addition to gaining levels, players must enhance these items as they progress through the dungeon. As such, normal gear will have no effect inside the deep dungeon. Note that Aetherpool armor will take the appearance of your current gear upon entering the instance. Aetherpool gear is not subject to durability loss, nor can it gain spiritbond when inside the Palace of the Dead.

Aetherpool gear can be enhanced by accessing silver coffers. These coffers appear randomly on each floor and after defeating certain enemies. When enhancing gear, there is a chance of failure that varies depending on the current level of your gear and the floor where the silver coffer is found. Aetherpool gear can be enhanced to a maximum strength of +30. In the event the strength of your aetherpool gear exceeds the maximum allowed by your current level, its attributes will be synced.


Players will, on occasion, obtain pomanders from treasure chests within the Palace of the Dead. These items have various uses ranging from displaying the entire map of your current floor, to providing party members with beneficial effects. Up to three of each pomander can be held at any time. These items can be found in a shared inventory to be used by all party members. (Note: Normal items such as potions can still be used independently of this shared inventory)

Pomanders cannot be taken outside of the Palace of the Dead. When in a matched party, they cannot be used after the completion of a set of floors. Pomanders that affect the map cannot be overwritten with the same item when their effect is already in play. Please note, however, that they will still be consumed upon use.

Certain pomanders can be used to transform the player into an enemy NPC. The effect lasts for one minute, and will grant the user a different attack for the duration.


Parties progress to lower floors by activating the Cairn of Passage stones. These stones have three phases, and will always be inactive when arriving at a new floor. Players must defeat the enemies that appear on the floor before the stone can be fully activated. As the phases progress, the color of the stone's icon on the map will change, and the perimeter around the stone will glow when it becomes fully activated.

In addition to resurrection items and actions, players can use a Cairn of Return to raise all KO'd players. These stones, like the Cairn of Passage, have three phases of activation and can only be used when fully activated. The stone will be inactive when arriving at a new floor. Players must defeat the enemies that appear on the floor before the stone can be fully activated. As the phases progress, the color of the stone's icon on the map will change, and the stone itself will glow when it becomes fully activated.

As players progress, they will arrive at floors with traps that will be set off when walked across. These traps are invisible unless a player has a special item which can reveal their locations. In addition to traps, some floors have the below effects which may benefit or provide some challenge to the player's ability to progress.

Boss enemies will appear every 10 floors. Upon defeating them, players will be able to record their progress, at which time they may choose to leave the deep dungeon. Please note that progress made in strengthening aetherpool arms and armor is saved independently and shared across all save data. Players will receive experience, gil, and/or Allagan Tomestones upon leaving the deep dungeon.

If all party members are KO'd inside the Palace of the Dead, they will be removed from the instance and duty fails.

Treasure CoffersEdit

There are three types of treasure coffers which will randomly appear somewhere on the floor at the same time as enemies. While most of these coffers will give players various benefits, some will have traps, such as surprise enemy attacks.

  • Gold Coffers: Gold Coffers may yield pomanders. The coffer will remain even if these items already exceed the inventory limit.
  • Silver Coffers: Silver Coffers will strengthen aetherpool arms and armor. However, opening these coffers will have no effect if the players' weapons and gear are at their maximum level of strength. In addition, even if players' weapons and gear are not at maximum level, there is a possibility that the strengthening effects will not take hold even after opening the coffer. Weapons (including shields), and gear will be strengthened individually, and depending on the player. They may also detonate if touched, damaging players within range.
  • Bronze Coffers: Bronze Coffers may yield normal items such as potions or (rarely) Gelmorran potsherds which can be exchanged for special items.


Players still on their free trial can only access the first 10 floors. Players who have not yet registered and installed Heavensward can only access the first 40 floors.

While players may enter as a base class, they will be unable to use any of Job Actions from the corresponding advanced job at level 30 and above.


The following rewards apply based on current level upon entering the instance:

 Floor Under 50 50-59 60
10 Experience
1,000 gil
10 Allagan tomestones of poetics
1,000 gil
10 Allagan tomestones of poetics
20 Allagan tomestones of lore
10 Allagan tomestones of scripture
1,000 gil
20 Experience
1,500 gil
20 Allagan tomestones of poetics
1,500 gil
20 Allagan tomestones of poetics
40 Allagan tomestones of lore
20 Allagan tomestones of scripture
1,500 gil
30 Experience
2,000 gil
30 Allagan tomestones of poetics
2,000 gil
30 Allagan tomestones of poetics
60 Allagan tomestones of lore
30 Allagan tomestones of scripture
2,000 gil
40 Experience
2,500 gil
40 Allagan tomestones of poetics
2,500 gil
30 Allagan tomestones of poetics
60 Allagan tomestones of lore
30 Allagan tomestones of scripture
2,500 gil
50 Experience
3,000 gil
50 Allagan tomestones of poetics
3,000 gil
50 Allagan tomestones of poetics
100 Allagan tomestones of lore
50 Allagan tomestones of scrpture
3,000 gil

Players will also receive one Gelmorra Shard upon defeating the boss of Floor 50. Gelmorra Shards may be exchanged with E-Una-Kotor for miscellanous rewards.

In addition, if aetherpool equipment has been maxed out at +30 and Floor 50 has been completed, players can receive an aetherarm weapon from E-Una-Kotor that may be used outside the instance.

Accursed HoardEdit

Patch 3.4 added a new mechanic called the Accursed Hoard. While exploring the Palace of the Dead, players will, on occasion, discover hidden treasure known as the Accursed Hoard. Upon saving progress and exiting the Palace of the Dead, players can take this treasure to the Expedition Bishop at Quarrymill in the South Shroud (X:25.1 Y:20.6) to have it appraised and discover what lies within.

Players must remain stationary at the location where the treasure is buried for a fixed period of time for the coffer to be unearthed. Before the Accursed Hoard can be discovered, players must first use the Pomander of Intuition to reveal its location on the map.


Floor range Enemy Lv Enemy Lv Enemy Lv
1-10 Fire Sprite 1 Palace Deathmouse 2 Palace Ziz 3
Palace Antelope 4 Palace Bat 6 Palace Coblyn 8
Lost Goblin 9 Palace Hippocerf 11 Palace Beetle 14
Palace Dung Beetle 15 Palace Hornet 16 Palace Yarzon 17
Palace Deathgaze 20
11-20 Living Whelk 18 Palace Pudding 19 Palace Uragnite 20
Palace Toad 22 Palace Slime 23 Palace Cobra 25
Palace Ninki Nanka 25 Palace Nanka 26 Palace Ochu 28
Palace Seedling 29 Palace Biloko 31 Palace Morbol 33
Spurge 35
21-30 Palace Puk 33 Palace Dullahan 34 Palace Drake 35
Palace Adamantoise 38 Palace Peiste 39 Palace Minotaur 40
Palace Wivre 41 Palace Spriggan 42 Palace Centaur 44
Palace Skatene 45 Palace Effigy 46 Palace Marolith 47
Ningishzida 49
31-40 Nightmare Bogy 48 Nightmare Hecteyes 50 Nightmare Ogre 51
Nightmare Mummy 52 Nightmare Succubus 52 Nightmare Eye 53
Nightmare Dahak 54 Nightmare Catoblepas 55 Nightmare Monk 55
Nightmare Troubadour 56 Nightmare Gnat 57 Nightmare Haagenti 57
Nightmare Gourmand 58 Ixtab 59
41-50 Nightmare Demon 58 Nightmare Gargoyle 59 Nightmare Bhoot 60
Nightmare Bloodguard 60 Nightmare Dragon 60 Nightmare Gravekeeper 60
Nightmare Hellhound 60 Nightmare Knight 60 Nightmare Manticore 60
Nightmare Persona 60 Nightmare Wraith 60 Edda Blackbosom 60
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