Final Fantasy X-2Edit


Beginning of battleEdit

  • Bring it, punk.
  • Well, well, well.
  • Here comes the hurt.
  • This is your lucky day.

International/HD Remaster exclusives

  • じゃあな。 (Jā na.; "Bye.")
  • しめてやる! (Shimete yaru!; "I'm going to get you!")

HP level is critical:

  • This won't be easy.
  • Maybe we'll get lucky.
  • Let's make it happen.
  • Where to begin?

With YunaEdit

  • Paine: I got this!
    Yuna: Hey, I wanna fight, too!
  • Paine: Come get some.
    Yuna: Paine gets all the good lines.
  • Paine: All yours, Yuna.
    Yuna: Where are you going?

HP level is critical:

  • Paine: You're thinking we can't win, aren't you?
    Yuna: How did you guess?
  • Paine: Don't worry. I'm here to win this battle.
    Yuna: Aren't we confident?
  • Paine: Hah, we don't stand a chance.
    Yuna: Now I'm worried.

With RikkuEdit

  • Paine: An easy match.
    Rikku: Haha, great!

HP level is critical:

  • Paine: We might not win this one.
    Rikku: What?
  • Paine: Stay calm.
    Rikku: That's not helping!
  • Paine: I'm ready for more.
    Rikku: You're kidding…

With Yuna and RikkuEdit

  • Paine: Guess I'll take a break.
    Rikku: What?!
    Yuna: Hey, we need you.
  • Paine: Easy.
    Yuna: You really think so?
    Rikku: Less talk, more fight.

HP level is critical:

  • Paine: I'm tired of this.
    Rikku: Me too.
    Yuna: That makes three of us.
  • Paine: My heart's racing!
    Rikku: Paine's into this kind of stuff.
    Yuna: That's odd.
    Paine: What?

Story-related encountersEdit

Chapter OneEdit

—Fighting Goons or She-Goons in Luca during the first mission.

Them again?
—Against Ormi, Logos, and Leblanc at Floating Ruins.

Hi there, creepy crawly.
—Against Boris.

Chapter TwoEdit

You guys deserve a medal.
—Against Logos, Ormi, and Fem-Goon on the Djose Highroad.

Fight! You have to!
—Against Bahamut.

Chapter FourEdit

Isn't this cute.
—Against Zalamander.

Chapter FiveEdit

Paine: Leblanc never stood a chance against this thing.
Rikku: Well, we've got a "leg" up on her.
Yuna: Save the jokes for later.
—Against Vegnagun (leg), Node A, Node B, and Node C.

Changing DresspheresEdit

After changing into Gunner:

  • You're no challenge. Just target practice.
  • So, who wants to be my first target?
  • Wherever you go, my bullets will find you.
  • You need some speed-holes.

After changing into Gun Mage:

  • This gun hungers for magic. Let's see what you've got.
  • Everyone has a weakness and I'll find yours.
  • Time for a fiend hunt!
  • The magical mayhem begins.

After changing into Alchemist:

  • I'm in a generous mood. Get ready for lots of presents with your name on them.
  • I feel like splurging.
  • What shall we mix up today?
  • What I use, I intend to get back.

After changing into Warrior:

  • I'm gonna carve you up.
  • All I need is my sword.
  • Don't bother blocking.

After changing into Samurai:

  • Hmm, I think this blade could use a new sheath. Any volunteers?
  • I'm not picky about who I cut to pieces.
  • Time for you to split.
  • Don't get too close.

After changing into Dark Knight:

  • Darkness is my ally. Those who cross me shall know its wrath.
  • The shadows will swiftly devour you.
  • Sleep in the darkness.
  • The night beckons.

After changing into Berserker:

  • No holding back now. It's all or nothing.
  • Once the fire starts, there's no putting it out!
  • If you're gonna bring it, bring it!
  • Whatever it takes.

After changing into Songstress:

  • No holding back. If you can't keep up, stay off my dance floor.
  • I'll take you places you've never been.
  • So, all I have to do is sing and dance?
  • I guess we can win this way, too.

After changing into Black Mage:

  • Time to teach you a thing or two about black magic.
  • The endless power of the world in my hands?
  • Can't you just feel the magic?
  • Fried or boiled? What will it be?

After changing into White Mage:

  • I'll heal you if I have to, but don't get careless.
  • You handle offense.
  • I'll heal. You do the rest.
  • I've got you covered.

After changing into Thief:

  • Watch out. Items aren't the only thing I can steal.
  • So much to steal, so little time…
  • Your purse is looking a little heavy.
  • I can do more than just steal.

After changing into Trainer:

  • That look in your eyes. You'll serve me well.
  • And now, the hunt begins.
  • Have you sighted your prey?
  • I'm counting on you.

After changing into Lady Luck:

  • Don't think it's just a game. Your life is on the line.
  • Care to try your luck?
  • So, what's your wager?
  • Would you like to play a game?

After changing into Festivalist:

  • I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have a little fun.
  • Maybe we don't party enough?
  • It's my party, so you'll cry if I want you to!
  • Don't put off the party for another day. Do it now!

After changing into Psychic:

  • Just let me run with this.
  • This will be over before you know it.
  • If you think you're going to survive, think again.
  • Better start running. I'm afraid I can't guarantee your safety.

After changing into Mascot:

  • Don't. Say. A word.
  • We're getting desperate.
  • Don't judge a book by its cover.
  • Laugh and I'll hurt you.

After changing into Full Throttle:

  • You have picked your last fight.
  • Beg, vermin.
  • What's that you say? You wanna get hurt?
  • A nicer person might let you go.

Dressphere AbilitiesEdit

General CommandsEdit

  • You had your chance to run.
  • I'm gonna miss you.
  • Worm.
  • Kiss me.
  • What a nuisance.
  • This is the part where you get hurt.

International/HD Remaster exclusives

  • さよなら。 (Sayonara.; "Goodbye.")
  • それ! (Sore!; "Take this!")


Using Steal or Flimflam abilities:

  • Hand it over.
  • I take what I want.
  • Show me your goods.

Using Flimflam abilities:

  • I need this more than you do.
  • Allow me to lighten your load.
  • Items aren't all that can be stolen.

Using Spare Change/Bribe abilities:

  • Alms for the poor.
  • Don't spend it all in one place.
  • Thrift is for losers.


Using Dance abilities:

  • Try and keep up.
  • Step to this.
  • Don't make me dance alone.

Using Sing abilities:

  • Name that tune!
  • This'll stir your soul!
  • I hate this dressphere.
  • (scats first part of Paine's Theme)
  • (scats second part of Paine's Theme)

Black MageEdit

Using Arcana, or casting MP Absorb, Drain, or Osmose

  • Allow me to burst your bubble.
  • What goes around, comes around.
  • Now we're even.

When using fire-elemental magic.

  • Burn!
  • Smoking's bad for you.
  • Ashes to ashes

When using ice-elemental magic.

  • Ice, ice, baby.
  • Am I cold?
  • Serve chilled!

When using lightning-elemental magic.

  • Searing light!
  • Hmph. Shocking!
  • Lightning flash, thunder crash!

When using water-elemental magic.

  • Hold your breath.
  • Wake up.
  • You could use a bath.

White MageEdit

When using White Magic

  • It's not over yet.
  • You can do better than this.
  • Do I have to hold your hand?
  • That's just a scratch.
  • Don't worry, I've got your back.

When casting Shell, Protect, or Reflect:

  • Perk up. Now.
  • Alright. Let's finish this.
  • Don't get carried away.

When using Full-Cure:

  • Don't throw in the towel yet.
  • Losing is not my style.
  • Be healed.

When using Auto-Life: Never hurts to be prepared. No more excuses. Why take the risk?

Gun MageEdit

Using Blue Bullet abilities:

  • Guess what's coming next?
  • I use what I have.
  • …and you thought they were lead.

Using Fiend Hunter abilities:

  • This one's got your name on it.
  • Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet.
  • Right where it hurts.

Using Scan:

  • Spill it.
  • Knowing is half the battle.
  • So, what's your secret?


Using Stash abilities:

  • Always have a plan 'B'.
  • Hey, look what I found!
  • I'm full of surprises.

Using Mix:

  • I'm figuring this out as I go.
  • Sorry if I screw this up…
  • Is there a trick to this?

Dark KnightEdit

When using Darkness:

  • There's enough Paine to go around.
  • No pain, no gain.
  • I guess there's no choice…


Using Zantetsu:

  • Keep your eye on the blade.
  • I'll be taking your life now.
  • This may sting a little.

Lady LuckEdit

Don't write off the power of luck.

  • Cross your fingers.
  • The luck of the wicked.

Using Two Dice or Four Dice abilities:

Using Tantalize:

  • Here goes…
  • It's worth a shot.
  • Charmed, I'm sure.


Using Berserk (ability):

  • No turning back now!
  • I hate to do this to you!
  • Hurt time!

Using Eject:

  • How far can you fly?
  • Come again!
  • Hope you're done packing.



Using Flurry abilities:

  • Make your master proud.
  • Do your worst.
  • Hurt!

Using Carrier Flurry:

  • That's our enemy. Remove the enemy!
  • Finish this!
  • Your quarry awaits!

Using Maulwings!:

  • Save some for your friends!
  • You have your pecking orders!
  • Flock together and hurt!


Using Festivities abilities:

  • Time to pick up the pace.
  • Might as well have some fun.
  • The party is just getting started.

Using Twinkler, Spinner, Popper, or Fountain:

  • This'll be a good one.
  • This is kinda fun.
  • You know you want it!
  • Fireworks?

Using Mask abilities:

  • I fight with style.
  • This is gonna hurt!
  • This is gonna hurt!


Using Time Trip:

  • I'm gonna have my way with you.
  • Don't move a muscle!
  • Hold it right there!

Using Excellence:

  • I'm drawing the line here!
  • This fight ends now.
  • Congratulations! You earned this.


Full ThrottleEdit


Using Throttle abilities or Swords Dance:

  • Now you've made me angry.
  • Your luck's just run out.
  • Meet Paine at a whole new level.
Dextral WingEdit
Sinistral WingEdit

Using Magic Edit

Using Flare:

  • You! It's what's for dinner!
  • What the hell?
  • Hurt. Lots of hurt!

Using Holy:

  • Consider this my parting gift.
  • This is practically overkill!
  • Go into the light!

Using Ultima:

  • Don't say I didn't warn you.
  • Too late! You had your chance!
  • Ultima. There is nothing greater!

Using ItemEdit

Using EscapeEdit

Deals zero damage or misses:

  • Egh…
  • Hrm.

Killing BlowEdit

  • Too easy.
  • Bye.


  • Child's play.
  • Did that hurt?
  • Another flawless victory.
  • Turned on?
  • Works for me.
  • Nice knowing you.
  • We've got bigger fish to fry.
  • Effortless.
  • Next?
  • That wasn't much fun.
  • Over already?
  • Paine & Yuna: All right!
  • Paine: Thank you.
    Rikku: Come again!
  • Paine: Sorry we had to win.
    Rikku: I'm not!


  • Satisfied?
  • The early bird catches the worm.
  • Good girl!

HP level is critical:

  • That certainly wasn't dull.
  • That was a workout.
  • Guess I'm getting sloppy.
  • Huh. That's it?
  • Let's put that behind us.
  • Paine: You alright?
    Yuna: I guess…
  • Paine: Let's keep moving.
    Yuna: Ahh, okay.
  • Paine: Wow, that wasn't easy.
    Yuna: So you liked it.
  • Paine: Ready for more?
    Yuna: Any time.
  • Paine: Working up a sweat?
    Rikku: I just want to lie down.
  • Paine: Stay alert.
    Rikku: Yes, ma'am.
  • Paine: What a sloppy victory.
    Rikku: Better than a sloppy defeat.


  • I failed.
  • How embarrassing.
  • So this is it?
  • You're… no pushover.
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Final Fantasy X-2: Last MissionEdit

Changing DresspheresEdit

Who gets it first?
—After changing into Gunner.

This is going to be easy.
—After changing into Gun Mage.

I'm not holding anything back.
—After changing to Alchemist.

I'll end this.
—After changing into Warrior.

If it bleeds I can cut it.
—After changing into Samurai.

I command the shadows.
—After changing into Dark Knight.

You better stay out of my way.
—After changing into Berserker.

You want me to sing?
—After changing into Songstress.

Let me concentrate.
—After changing into Black Mage.

Let's keep things steady.
—After changing into White Mage.

I'll make this fast.
—After changing into Thief.

Find something to hurt.
—After changing into Trainer.

So the game begins.
—After changing into Lady Luck.

Anything but this...
—After changing into Mascot.

This might get a little out of hand.
—After changing into Psychic.

Let's get to it!
—After changing into Festivalist.

I really should change.
Who has something to say?
I can fight in anything.
—After changing into any dressphere.

I never thought I'd wear this again.
—After changing into a Leblanc Syndicate member.

Take care of this...
All yours.
Be my guest.
—Before switching to another character.