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The Gertai Band in Ozmonfield.

Gentle rolling plains with occasional insect plagues.

The Ozmonfield (オズモーネ平原, Ozumōne Heigen?) is a location in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It is a version of the Ozmone Plain that appears in Final Fantasy XII. Though both games are set in the same world of Ivalice, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance's Ivalice is in fact a dream world version of that of the world in Final Fantasy XII, and so some place names are bound to be similar, but not exactly the same. Ozmonfield is unlocked after "Mission #066: Dargon's Aid" is completed and is the site of "Mission #090: Clan Law". It can be freed in "Mission #263: Ozmonfield" after the main game is cleared.

Missions Edit

Mission #090: Clan Law

  • We clans were made to steal work, to gain turf, were we not? All you fat and lazy clans, get ready for a rude awakening! Secret Clan Coalition

Mission #263: Ozmonfield

  • The chomper beetles found in Ozmonfield are eating my chocobo feed. Please use this "bug-B-gone" to drive them away! Dalaben, Ranch Manager

Encounter Edit

Gertai Band Edit

Shady group that once controlled half of Ivalice. Rivals with the Bardo Band.


Turf Defense Edit

Help Ozmon! Edit

The Gertai Band is raising chomper beetles in Ozmonfield. I don't know what they're up to, but it's nothing good, I'm sure.
—Town Rumor

Reward: 4000 gil. Available: 30 days.

  • Assassin
  • Blue Mage
  • Ninja
  • Sniper

Gallery Edit