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Party traveling through the Ozmone Plain.

The Ozmone Plain (オズモーネ平原, Ozumōne Heigen?) is a location in the land of Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. It is a vast plain on the continent of Kerwon. A war was once fought on Ozmone Plain and thus the landscape is littered with crashed airships and other ruins.

In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, there is a similar location named Ozmonfield.


Chocobo s way-large

Ozmone Plain has the entrance to Henne Mines, but only by hidden route only a chocobo can find.

The Ozmone Plain is located just to the south of the Giza Plains, and are only accessible at first by land during Giza's rainy season or through the Zertinan Caverns. Entrances to Golmore Jungle and the Henne Mines can be found here. The village of the garif, Jahara, is located on the Ozmone Plain.

Sage KnowledgeEdit

Wide region of plains in Bancour, bordering Dalmasca. Mostly tall grasses, though here and there can be seen volcanic rock formations. In the past, a great battle was fought in the skies over Ozmone Plain. The decaying airshipwrecks punctuating the plains are monuments to the carnage once wrought here.
—Sage Knowledge 70, Ozmone Plain


Ozmone Plain has three different weather conditions:

  • Sunny
  • Cloudy
  • Rain

The Sylphi Entite appears during cloudy weather in Haulo Green and Field of Light Winds. During rain Fire damage is halved and Lightning damage is boosted.


See also: Treasure (Final Fantasy XII)

The most common item treasure around the plain are common recovery items, such as Potions and Hi-Potions. If the Diamond Armlet is equipped, the common item treasure is Knot of Rust, and the rare item is a good recovery item like Hi-Ether or Elixir, or the rare Diamond Armlet item can be equipment as well, but as the Diamond Armlet is acquired fairly late in the game, the equipment found using it are nothing special.

In the Field of Fallen Wings area, to the northwest, the player may find the Sash. Down from there, behind an airship wreck, the player may find the Ruby Ring with the Diamond Armlet. Before the exit to the Switchback, the player may find the Argyle Armlet.

In the Dagan Flats area, to the very west, there is a treasure that may normally contain the Survival Vest. When the Diamond Armlet is equipped, the same treasure may be a Golden Shield. Between the exits to the Greensnake and Haulo Green, two treasures can spawn. One can have Black Belt and the other can have Quasimodo Boots with the Diamond Armlet equipped.

In the Shred, the player may find the Brigandine in the southeast corner of the part of area that doesn't have entrance to Henne Mines, and the treasure that spawns in the southwest corner may have the Magick Gloves with the Diamond Armlet equipped. Still in the Shred but on the other side, where the entrance to Henne Mines is, the player may find the Red Cap and the Golden Amulet.

In the Haulo Green, in the northeast corner, the player may find the Gladius. The treasure next to a rock near the chocobo path to the part of Shred that leads to Henne Mines, the player may find the Feathered Cap with the Diamond Armlet. The treasure in the south may have the Jackboots. The treasure in the south, before exit to Jahara, may have the Winged Helm.


Crash site

View of an old airship in the horizon.

  • Field of Fallen Wings (to Giza Plains)
  • The Switchback (to Zertinan Caverns)
  • Haulo Green (to Jahara)
  • Dagan Flats
  • The Greensnake
  • The Shred (to the Henne Mines)
  • Field of Light Winds
  • Sunlit Path (to Golmore Jungle)

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Friendly NPCsEdit

  • Garif Warrior
  • Garif Hunter

Musical ThemesEdit

"Ozmone Plain" from Final Fantasy XII
Ozmone plain
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The theme to Ozmone Plain is called simply "Ozmone Plain".


Note: areas highlighted in yellow can only be traversed while riding a chocobo.
FF12 Map - Ozmone Plain

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