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Owzer's Mansion, also known as Owzer's House, is a location in Final Fantasy VI. Overlooking Jidoor from the northern end of the city, it is the largest home in town and houses Owzer's art collection.

Story Edit

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FFVI PC Celes Maria

Celes was mistaken for Maria.

The mansion is first visited when the party returns from Zozo, seeking a way to travel to Vector on the southern continent. Meeting the Impresario here, the group learns of Setzer Gabbiani, owner of the Blackjack, the world's only airship.

At an unspecified point, Owzer purchased a beautiful stone at the auction house, and was overcome with the need to have a painting of Lakshmi done. After seeing several artists who didn't have enough talent to fulfill his desire, Relm came by and Owzer put her to work. A demon possessed the painting while Relm was working, and spread its influence over the rest of the gallery.

FFVI Android Relm Joins

The party saves Owzer's painting from a demon.

When the party returns to Owzer's Mansion in the World of Ruin, the destruction of a painting on the main floor reveals a staircase to the basement. In a rear room Relm is seeing to the painting of Lakshmi with Owzer looking on, and the party defeats the demon. Its hold on the gallery is broken and Relm departs with the party, promising Owzer to return and finish the painting later. Owzer, disturbed by the hold the stone held over him, asks the party to take it, and they receive Lakshmi's magicite shard.

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Art Edit


The party meets Owzer.

On the gallery's main floor the paintings consist of a treasure chest, an urn, a suit of armor, a bouquet of flowers, a lamp, Ultros, and a painting of a woman. The paintings of the flowers and the woman begin battles when inspected in the World of Ruin, the latter painting revealing a door to the basement of the gallery once defeated.

Also in the World of Ruin, the painting of Ultros is replaced with a painting of Emperor Gestahl, mentioned by an NPC in Albrook to have been sold to Owzer when the Emperor commissioned a portrait but didn't like the result. Inspecting Gestahl's portrait twice causes the party to receive a letter mentioning a treasure hidden at a mountain range shaped like a star.

The basement contains a picture of a chair, which draws the party up into it and into an enemy encounter when they pass in front of it, and another painting of armor that initiates a battle with Still Life, revealing a door to the rear of the gallery with Relm and Owzer after it is beaten. There is also a painting of the opera star Maria, which turns in different directions as the player progresses through the gallery.

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Musical themes Edit

"The Magic House" from Final Fantasy VI
FFVI - The Magic House
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"The Magic House" is the theme of Owzer's Mansion when it is visited in the World of Ruin. It also replaces "Kids Run Through the City" as the theme for Jidoor.

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Trivia Edit

  • If the player does not inspect the painting of flowers and battle the Rafflesia that attack before defeating Chadarnook, they can never be encountered as they are a unique enemy formation and cannot be found anywhere else. It is encouraged the player encounter them though, as they provide a way to amass Genji Armor—see the Rafflesia page for further details.