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Overkill (オーバーキル, Ōbākiru?) is a recurring Limit Break-type ability in Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy XIEdit

XI Overkill is the Ranger SP2 ability in Final Fantasy XI. It increases the player's ranged attack speed as well as forces a Double Shot or Triple Shot to occur on every ranged attack. The effect lasts for one minute.

Mobius Final FantasyEdit

Mobius Overkill is the Ultimate for Viking and its upgraded forms, Beowulf and Pirate King.

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  • Originally in Final Fantasy XI, the Ranger SP2 ability was intended to be Instinctive Aim (イネイトエイム, Ineito Eimu?, lit. Innate Aim), which would have allowed ranged attacks to be treated as if made from the optimal distance from the target regardless of the player's actual distance, as well as prevented arrows from being consumed during the effect.

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