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FFT Outfitter Chapter 1

Outfitter in Chapter 1.

Outfitters are the shop system used in Final Fantasy Tactics. They sell items depending on the type of city the shop is located in. The list below shows in which locations Outfitters sell what types of items.

Item Type Magick City Castles Trading Ports Cities Clockwork Town
Knives Y Y N N N
Ninja Blades and Katana N N Y N N
Swords Broadsword only Y N N N
Rods and Staves Y N Y Y N
Axes N Y N N N
Flails N N Y N N
Guns N N N N Y
Crossbows and Bows N Y N N N
Instruments and Books N N Y N N
Polearms N Y N N N
Poles Y N Y Y N
Bags Y N Y Y N
Cloths N N Y N N
Shields N Y Y N N
Helmets N Y N N N
Hats Y N Y Y N
Armor N Y N N N
Clothing and Robes Y N Y Y N
Accessories Y Y Y Y Y
Throwing Items Y N Y Y Y
Healing Items Y Y Y Y Y


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