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Other is a skillset divided by job class schools in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

List of schoolsEdit


The Spellblade school focuses on physical strikes imbued with elements or status ailments.


The Dragoon school focuses on a variety of Jump-type abilities.


The Monk school focuses on a variety of physical attacks, often paired with status ailments, or self-enhancing abilities.


The Thief school focuses on stealing-type abilities, often paired with self-enhancing.


The Knight school focuses on a variety of abilities, including defending, attack drawing, and dealing damage.


The Samurai school focuses on counterattacks and ailment-imbued physical abilities.


The Ninja school focuses on ranged combat.


The Bard school focuses on ranged combat and area-of-effect enhancing and debilitating abilities.


The Dancer school focuses on area-of-effect debilitating abilities.

Japan-only releaseEdit

Rarity 3Edit

Spell Number of Uses Max Level Description
Initial Max
Mind Break
FFRK Mind Break Icon

Rarity 4Edit

Ability Number of Uses Max Level Description
Initial Max
High Mind Break
FFRK High Mind Break Icon
Life or Death
FFRK Life or Death Icon
Fast Thunder
FFRK Fast Thunder Icon
Fast Blizzard
FFRK Fast Blizzard Icon
Blue Drive
FFRK Blue Drive Icon
Ruby Spike
FFRK Ruby Spike Icon

Rarity 5Edit

Spell Number of Uses Max Level Description
Initial Max
Gaia Cross*
FFRK Gaia Cross Icon
Uchinikiho (内丹気砲)*
FFRK Uchinikiho Icon
FFRK Angelsong Icon
Hailstorm (氷雨)*
FFRK Hailstorm Icon
Black Death Scythe (告死の大鎌)*
FFRK Black Death Scythe Icon
FFRK Blast Ninjutsu Icon
Evil Count (イービルカウント)*
FFRK Evil Count Icon
Dualcast Spellblade Thunder (連続魔法剣・雷鳴)*
FFRK Dualcast Spellblade Thunder Icon
Dualcast Spellblade Flame (連続魔法剣・豪炎)*
FFRK Dualcast Spellblade Flame Icon
Dash Bytes (ダッシュバイト)*
FFRK Dash Bytes Icon
Dualcast Spellblade・Water Swallow (連続魔法剣・水燕)*
FFRK Dualcast Spellblade Water Swallow Icon
Rapid Fire*
FFRK Rapid Fire Icon
Fujin Guard (ぼうふうじん)*
FFRK Fujin Guard Icon
Poison Leaves (ポイズンリーフ)*
FFRK Poison Leaves Icon
Dread Heal*
FFRK Dread Heal Icon
Hell Thunder*
FFRK Hell Thunder Icon
Ratio Blizzard*
FFRK Ratio Blizzard Icon
Tempest Snipe*
FFRK Tempest Snipe Icon
Guard Bringer*
FFRK Guard Bringer Icon
Remaining Soul*
FFRK Remaining Soul Icon
FFRK Necrofire Icon
Icicle Shot*
FFRK Icicle Shot Icon
Flame Burst*
FFRK Flame Burst Icon
FFRK Unknown Ninja Ability Icon
FFRK Unknown Ninja Ability Icon 2
Ripper Rush*
FFRK Ripper Rush Icon
Dread Weapon*
Quake Blade*
FFRK Quake Blade Icon
FFRK Unknown Ninja Ability Icon 3
FFRK Unknown Ninja Ability Icon 4
FFRK Unknown Samurai Ability Icon
FFRK Unknown Samurai Ability Icon 2
Freeze Blade*
FFRK Freeze Blade Icon
Crimson Cross*
FFRK Crimson Cross Icon
Demon's Song (魔神の賛歌)*
FFRK Demon's Song Icon
FFRK Unknown Bard Ability Icon
Divine Cross*
FFRK Divine Cross Icon
Burning Rush*
FFRK Burning Rush Icon
Spark Offer (スパークオファ)*
FFRK Spark Offer Icon
Aerial Dive*
FFRK Aerial Dive Icon
Gaia Rush*
FFRK Gaia Rush Icon
FFRK Unknown Machinist Icon
Burning Snipe*
FFRK Burning Snipe Icon
Freezing Snipe*
FFRK Freezing Snipe Icon
Crash Tango*
FFRK Crash Tango Icon
Smash Duet*
FFRK Smash Duet Icon
FFRK Earthbringer Icon
FFRK Unknown Spellblade Icon
Assault Saber*
FFRK Assault Saber Icon
Icicle Rush*
FFRK Icicle Rush Icon
Ripper Blast*
FFRK Ripper Blast Icon
Cyclone Bolt*
FFRK Cyclone Bolt Icon
FFRK Sabbath Icon
FFRK Unknown Ninja Icon
FFRK Unknown Samurai Ability Icon 3
FFRK Unknown Samurai Ability Icon 4
Dark Branding*
FFRK Dark Branding Icon

Rarity 6Edit

Spell Number of Uses Max Level Description
Initial Max
Allegro Con Mort (アレグロコンモート)*
FFRK Allegro Con Mort Icon
FFRK Dervish Icon
Omega Drive*
FFRK Omega Drive Icon