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Othard is one of the three great continents on Hydaelyn in Final Fantasy XIV. Although currently inaccessible in gameplay, it is referenced throughout Eorzea. When revealing the design concept behind the Au Ra race, it was also stated they hail from Othard.

Othard is under control of the Garlean Empire , being the first continent the empire walked into when they began expanding out of Ilsabard. It was home to the city-state of Doma before its people rebelled against the imperial control and were forced to flee before their home was razed to the ground. The Garlean occupation has resulted in increasing numbers of displaced Au Ra seeking refuge in Eorzea.

Little is known about Othard's climate beyond it being described as having deep valleys and high mountain peaks in its eastern reaches. One known geographical area is the Azim Steppe, a vast grasslands that is home to numerous small tribes of nomadic Xaela ruled by khans.[1]

Known city-statesEdit


Often referred to as the "Far East" of the eastern continent, Doma was home to the Raen clan of the Au Ra race and Yugiri Mistwalker. The Ninja job also originates in Doma.

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