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Oscha, pronounced as Oscar, is one of the main antagonists of Final Fantasy: Unlimited. One of Earl Tyrant's four Lords of Gaudium, Oscha acts as his personal adviser and overseer of Chaos's growth. The unusual spelling of his name is due to it being an anagram of Chaos, hinting at his nature as an offspring of Chaos. He is voiced by Kōji Ishii in the Japanese version.


He is cruel and cold, not hesitating to manipulate others to reach his ends. He rarely even appears to the protagonists, usually implementing his plans via his foes and friends alike. He appears to have some degree of mental control over others, as seen in Oscha: The Endless Project, when he manipulates the workers into forfeiting their purpose in life to construct a giant robot to attack the protagonists.

His body seems to be distinctly different from a human's; he is seen bending at impossible angles, hanging from ceilings, sprouting arms or contracting them, and bullets rebounding from his mask and skin as if it were coated in a strong metal. He has also been seen emerging from surfaces via a shadow like portal.


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From the very beginning, Oscha knew of Ai and Yu's true nature, creating Crux and altering the clock on Chobi's neck to pinpoint the twins' exact locations while having them experience the various horrors and tragic events across the series, maturing them so they can be fused with the Earl, allowing Chaos to reach its zenith and evolve.

He is first seen overlooking Kaze's first firing of the Magun in the series, noting the Kaze is a surviving Unlimited. He animated Crux to follow the twins in their journey, later putting the altered clock on Chobi's neck to pinpoint the twins' exact locations while having them experience the various horrors and tragic events across the series. Since he is often seen in the Earl's throne room, advising him in response to new situations, ordering the other Lord's dispatch, and caring for Chaos's main body. He only appeared outside Guadium before the group once, sicking Cube Ashura on them before he takes his leave.

In the climax, he is the one that reveals the entire story to those present, revealing that Ai and Yu are Chaos Spawn, that it is their maturation that was the goal of their trials, their parents are being hypnotized into feeding the Earl dishes made from negative emotion and that the Earl will now merge with them to gain greater power with Chaos evolving as a result.

When Kaze and Makenshi defeat Chaos Tyrant and destroy most of Guadium in the process, Oscha ends up falling into the swirling vortex that is Chaos's main body with his mask partially shattered. His fate is left as such in the original series. However, in the sequel it is revealed that he indeed did survive. In FFU:After, Oscha helped to revive the Gaudium and search for new Lords of Guadium, leaving Soljashy to make Chaos Rulers, the Earl's successor, out of the Hayakawa Twins.

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Musical themeEdit

His musical theme is named after him (Oscha), and is the twenty fourth track on the second disk of the Unlimited sound track.