Final Fantasy XIII-2 Enemy
イェーガー型 (Yēgā-gata)
FFXIII enemy Orion
HP FFXIII-2 Strength Icon FFXIII-2 Magic Icon
16,600 128 128
Stagger Icon FFXIII Chain Icon FFXIII
250% 80
Keep Launch Libra
30 Weakness 50
CP Gil
160 220
Fire Icon FFXIII Ice Icon FFXIII Lightning Icon FFXIII
Weakness - Halved
Wind Icon FFXIII Physical Icon FFXIII Magical Icon FFXIII
- - -
Status resistanceThe lower the number, the more suspectible the enemy is to the status.
Deprotect-ffxiii-icon Deshell-ffxiii-icon Slow-ffxiii-icon Poison-ffxiii-icon Imperil-ffxiii-icon
50% 50% 35% Immune 50%
Curse-ffxiii-icon Pain-ffxiii-icon Fog-ffxiii-icon Debrave-ffxiii-icon Defaith-ffxiii-icon
50% Immune 35% 50% 50%
Daze-ffxiii-icon Wound Death-ffxiii-icon Dispel-ffxiii-icon Provoke-ffxiii-icon
35% - - - 20%
Location Augusta Tower -200 AF- (50th Floor (Fixed), 51st Floor, 52nd Floor)
Augusta Tower -300 AF- (13/14th Floor)
Type Militarized Unit
Subtype Tilter
Recruit Chance 10%
Common Drop Potent Chip (30%)
Rare Drop Analog Circuit (5%)
Abilities Sparkstorm
Notes - Employs powerful lightning-based attacks.

The Orion is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Paradigm PackEdit

Orion joins the party as a Commando when tamed. As it is an Early Peaker, it is inexpensive to develop, learns a few useful Chaser abilities and has a decent HP total. However, its stats and skillset are inferior to the Dragoon, another Early Peaker Commando found in the same area as Orions.

Tameable Monster
Name Orion Role Commando
Traits Early Peaker - Sparktouch - Stylish
Composition Mechanical Start Grade Monster Grade 2
Max Level 20 HP 1,718
Strength 133 Magic 31
ATB Segments 3 Stages 1
Innate Affinities Weakness: Fire
Halved: Lightning
Immune: Poison
Feral Link Dual Bolt (Inflict lightning-attribute physical damage on target. Input Type: Complex)
Crystarium Development Graph
Green: HP / 10 Red: Strength Purple: Magic
Orion Development
Ability Type Level Infusible
Attack Command Initial N
Ruin Command Initial N
Quick Stagger Passive Initial N
Deshell Chaser Auto 6 N
Deprotect Chaser Auto 9 N
Adrenaline Auto 13 Y
Scourge Auto 16 Y
Curse Chaser Auto 19 N
Pain Chaser Auto 20 N


Orion is a hunter in Greek mythology. It is also a constellation named after the mythological hunter.

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