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FFTiOS Orbonne Monastery CG

Orbonne Monastery in the opening (PSP).

A monastery built more than twelve centuries ago and said to house an extensive basement library.

Orbonne Monastery (オーボンヌ修道院, Ōbonnu-shūdouin?) is a location from Final Fantasy Tactics. It is a monastery of the corrupt Church of Glabados, and houses the Underground Book Storage, a mysterious library holding old tomes from the era of St. Ajora, where much of the game takes place.

Refuge of OveliaEdit


The party protects the monastery from the Northern Sky.

Princess Ovelia Atkascha took refuge at Orbonne Monastery during the events leading up to the War of the Lions. Her bodyguard Agrias Oaks, fearing for her safety, hired Goffard Gaffgarion and his mercenary troop to protect Ovelia. One of Gaffgarion's soldiers was Ramza Beoulve, whose sister Alma had also spent time at the monastery. The monastery came under attack by the Order of the Northern Sky, disguised as the Order of the Southern Sky.

Then Ramza, Agrias, and Gaffgarion rushed outside to deal with the attackers. During the fight, Delita Heiral, a real Southern Sky knight, slipped in a back door and abducted the Princess. Agrias heard Ovelia's screams and rushed back inside to help her, but it was too late: Delita escaped on his chocobo, but not before Ramza sighted him and recognized him. Ramza and Agrias then set off after Delita in order to rescue Ovelia.

Battle InformationEdit

Orbonne MonasteryEdit

Orbonne Monastery
Orbonne Monastery 1
Orbonne Monastery 2
Orbonne Monastery 3
Orbonne Monastery 4
Orbonne Monastery OH
Additional info -First battle.
-One-time location.
Conditions Defeat all enemies.
Weather Sun, Light Rain
Enemy level 6 - 9 Recommended level None
Team capacity Unknown Number of teams Unknown
Battle Trophies None Hidden items None
Terrain Ocean, Grassland, Wooden Floor, Stone Outcropping, Flagstone, Roof Geomancy Torrent, Tanglevine, Will-o'-the-Wisp, Tremor, Contortion, Wind Blast

This is the very first battle and one of the easiest. Ramza has to protect the Princess Ovelia from attacking enemies. Most of the player's party are guest characters, but against such weak enemies, this should be no trouble to any player.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

Castle Cornelia PS
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