Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, the youngest Oracle in history.

She most pure of faith is the Oracle, a daughter in the line of those said to commune with the Six. Blessed by the Astral gods, she calls forth the power of Eos to heal those who are suffering and afflicted. Her devotion to helping all those in need has inspired reverence for her among people from all over the world.
—The Six and the Oracle - II

The Oracle (神凪, Kannagi?, lit. Calmer of Gods) is a woman in the Final Fantasy XV Universe charged with maintaining the stability of Eos by cleansing the world and communing with its gods. Astrals are intelligent immortal creatures that have their own agendas, and speak a unique language only understood by those touched by them.[1] Oracles inherit their abilities through their family bloodline, and they use them to halt the Starscourge, a plague on the world than lengthens nights. Legend has it the Astral Bahamut descended from the stars and picked the first Oracle from the land of Tenebrae. He bestowed the Oracle's powers upon her and gave her his trident. The Oracles of the Nox Fleuret dynasty became the royal family of the kingdom of Tenebrae, and they remain very popular among the people of Eos. Messengers are magical beings sent by Astrals to the Oracle to make the gods' will known to mankind through her.


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Words cannot express the joy in my heart on receiving word of this coming peace. Nor the pride I take in my betrothal playing a part in this historic moment. On this joyous occasion, some have voiced cause for concern: The fear that I will be unable to fulfill my duties as Oracle. Please rest assured, my marriage will not stand in the way of my calling. You will find me in your towns and villages, as you always have. And I shall continue to bless you all.
—Lunafreya in a radio broadcast

Circa M.E. 358, the Aldercapt family who govern Niflheim set their sights on world domination, using the legacy of the ancient civilization of Solheim. Their two primary targets become the Kingdom of Lucis, and Tenebrae, led by the Oracle. Niflheim gained control of Tenebrae's territory but did not invade Fenestala Manor where the Fleurets, the Oracle family, reside, due to the masses' faith in the Oracle.[2] Thus Tenebrae retains some autonomy although being in Niflheim territory.

Though the Oracles are known as the royalty of Tenebrae, one of the royal arms is the Trident of the Oracle, and one of the thirteen statues of the Old Wall in Insomnia is also a seemingly female figure who wields a giant version of the trident. It may be the soul of the first Oracle, who according to legend inherited the Trident of the Oracle from Bahamut. The statues in Insomnia are said to be "coffins" for the souls of the past kings that animate at the behest of the currently reigning monarch.[3]


Lunafreya uses her powers as Oracle to heal a man.

Tenebrae was invaded by Niflheim when the Lucian royal family was visiting them, and Niflheim's General Glauca killed Sylva Nox Fleuret, the queen who was also the Oracle. The incident was covered up and the queen was reported to have perished in an accidental fire. Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, the princess of Tenebrae and Sylva's daughter, became the new Oracle four years later under the supervision of the empire. At age sixteen, Lunafreya became the youngest Oracle in history.[4] Her status allows Tenebrae to remain somewhat autonomous under Niflheim's rule. As the Oracle, Lunafreya journeys the land to heal people afflicted with Starscourge and people travel long distances to be seen by her.

When Niflheim officials head to Lucis for a peace treaty signing, Emperor Aldercapt takes Lunafreya with him. As part of the treaty, she is to marry Prince Noctis of Lucis, her childhood friend. In an interview broadcast over radio, Lunafreya promises that she will continue to work as an Oracle even though her duties would be temporarily halted for her upcoming wedding. Lunafreya has a chance to be with King Regis before he is killed, taking the Ring of the Lucii to pass it on to Noctis, who is not in Insomnia when it is invaded. The news declare Lunafreya dead, and the world mourns for her. Her wedding dress is put on display in Altissia where people pay respects to her.

After the Crown City's fall, the hunter Dave Auburnbrie is interviewed for radio, where the interviewer asks if those on the road at dusk should seek refuge at a haven. Dave affirms, saying that the havens are "holding strong" despite the world having lost the Oracle's protection. He reminds that the havens lasted the four years the world was without a working Oracle after Lady Sylva passed away, before Lunafreya took up the position. The exchange implies that the people of Eos believe that the havens repel daemons due to the powers of the Oracle.

Lunafreya believes that Noctis is the True King spoken of in prophecy. When he stayed in Tenebrae when he was eight years old, she had told him he is the Chosen. The coming of the True King is the reason the Astrals had bestowed powers to two bloodlines in Eos, and Lunafreya believes her mission is to guide Noctis to fulfill his destiny. Thus, after escaping Insomnia with the Ring of the Lucii, Lunafreya uses her powers as the Oracle to implore the Astrals to lend Noctis their strength. This drains her of her life-force and she grows weak.

Lunafreya's mission is opposed by her brother, Ravus Nox Fleuret, who doesn't have the powers of an Oracle despite being of the same bloodline, as only women inherit the position.[5] He doesn't want to see Luna sacrifice herself for Noctis, whom Ravus believes to be too weak to be the Chosen King. Ravus had asked for the Ring of the Lucii's powers for himself, but was rejected and lost his arm when he was burned by the power of the old kings. Being made the high commander of the Niflheim forces, Ravus is tasked with capturing Lunafreya, but he aides her escape Lucis instead. She tries to convince Ravus that Noctis is the Chosen King, and he reluctantly comes around, but still leads the Niflheim forces to attack the Astrals whose communion with Lunafreya is weakening her.

Leviathan and Luna

Lunafreya communes with the Astral Leviathan.

When Lunafreya is in Altissia to rouse Leviathan, Noctis convinces the First Secretary Camelia Claustra to allow Lunafreya to perform the ritual to awaken the sea goddess. Lunafreya makes a public appearance to let the populace know she is alive. When she rouses Leviathan however, the Astral takes offense and intimidates her. Lunafreya parries Leviathan's attacks with the Trident of the Oracle and summons the power of the old kings to empower Noctis, who forges a covenant with Leviathan. Lunafreya is killed by Chancellor Ardyn Izunia of Niflheim and she dies after passing on the ring to Noctis.

Lunafreya's "second" death shocks the world. Ravus is executed for high treason, and thus the Oracles' bloodline is extinguished. Without Lunafreya holding the Starscourge at bay, daylight begins to vanish from Eos more rapidly, until it is plunged into an eternal night.


Lunafreya's spirit helps Noctis defeat Ardyn.

Noctis continues on his mission without Lunafreya's help, although he once hallucinates a vision of her, suggesting she is helping him from the afterlife. Noctis sacrifices his life to purge Eos of the Starscourge, and Lunafreya's spirit helps him during his final confrontation. The world is saved as per the prophecy, but without Oracles there is no one left on Eos to commune with the gods.

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An oracle is a person or agency considered to provide wise and insightful counsel, prophetic predictions, or precognition of the future inspired by the gods.



The Japanese lore tutorial.

  • The player can read "The Six and the Oracle" lore in the tutorial*see the introduction quote on this article. This segment ends with an additional line in the Japanese version that says ちなみに、これらの話題でいう「星」は「世界」の意です, which translates to "By the way, 'star' in these topics means 'world.'"
  • In Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, The Oracle's Sigil enhances the wearer's curative powers. It refers to the monarch known as The Oracle whose royal arm the Trident of the Oracle appears to be.