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Opera house ios

The Opera House in the World of Balance.

The Opera House (オペラ劇場, Opera Gekijō?) is a location in Final Fantasy VI. It is at the end of a long peninsula south of Jidoor, and features the Opera "Maria and Draco", starring the famous opera singer Maria. The Opera House is directed by an Impresario.


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Celes's reaction to the plan.

After getting a tip in Jidoor that Setzer, the owner of the world's only airship, would be attempting to kidnap Maria from a performance of the opera, Locke comes up with the idea of disguising Celes, who looks just like Maria, as the star of the opera so Setzer would abduct her instead of the real Maria. Celes and the Impressario are initially hesitant, but eventually agree.

Ultros overhears the plan, and sends a warning letter to Locke claiming to be Setzer that he will ruin the opera. He goes up onto the rafters and gets ready to drop a weight onto the stage in the middle of the production, ruining the show and their attempt to sneak aboard the airship.


Ultros shows up to ruin the opera.

Locke, who is in the dressing room cheering Celes on, finds the letter, warns the Impressario, and takes the party to meet Ultros. Ultros falls onto the stage, and in an attempt to keep the show going Locke pretends it is part of the opera. The party battles Ultros a second time, and when he is defeated, Setzer appears and kidnaps Celes as planned, taking her to the Blackjack.

A year later in the World of Ruin, the Earth Dragon, one of the Eight Dragons, has taken up residence on the stage. By pulling one of four switches in the right wing, the party can drop onto the stage and battle the dragon.

Monster FormationsEdit


Battle in Opera House in the smartphone version.


On stage


"Spinach Rag" from Final Fantasy VI
FFVI - Spinach Rag
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"Spinach Rag" is the background theme that plays at the Opera House.

Other AppearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

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Non-Final Fantasy AppearancesEdit

Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street PortableEdit

The Opera House appears in this game as a map.

Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street PortableEdit

The Opera House map from Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable returns as stage for this game.



  • There is a glitch exclusive to the Japanese release of the original SNES version of the game that causes the world to shift back to the World of Balance from the World of Ruin. To do this, the player must leave at least one of the rats in the rafters alive, then in the World of Ruin, go up into the rafters, battle the rat, and lose. The party will reappear outside the Opera House in the World of Balance.

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