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Omniscient is a boss in Final Fantasy V. He is one of the bosses guarding a spell in the Fork Tower. Omniscient is guarding the Flare spell.

Battle Edit

Physical attacks will cause Omniscient to cast Return, resetting the battle. The player can prevent him from casting anything by attacking him with a weapon enchanted with Silence. When Omniscient is defeated, he casts Flare as a final attack.

Strategy Edit

An efficient method to defeat Omniscient is to summon Carbuncle, so Omniscient's spells are reflected back at him. Another method is to cast Berserk on him and then summon Golem. This way, he cannot use Return to restart the battle, and the party will not suffer damage from his physical attacks. Provided the party is under Reflect, or Omniscient is berserked or silenced, Omniscient's final attack should not pose a threat.

Another strategy is to use two Mystic Knights, one equipped with Blue Magic and other with Summon and use Spellblade Mute constantly, or one Mystic Knight can attack with Mute while the other will use Aeroga or summon Syldra.

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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Etymology Edit

Omniscience is the capacity to know everything there is to know.

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