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The Omega Ruins, also known as Omega Dungeon in the menu at the Monster Arena, is a large dungeon located within a small group of islands to the east of Spira's main continent in Final Fantasy X. Rather maze-like, like Inside Sin, this place must be mapped by the player. Navigating the dark passages, Tidus and his friends will encounter some of the toughest fiends in the game, including the Master Tonberry and Great Malboro, while also coming across chests, which yield some handy (albeit random) treasures.

At the end of the cave, two deadly bosses await the party's arrival.

A traitor to Yevon, Omega, was executed for treason centuries ago, his malicious spirit still haunting these ruins. His hatred has turned him into the fiendish Omega Weapon. His hatred for Yevon was so strong, he also spawned a lesser Weapon: Ultima.

Coordinates Edit

To be unlocked on the airship map, the coordinates 69-75x and 33-38y have to be found using the search function.

Items Edit

FFX Omega Ruins

Treasure chests in Omega Ruins, with the final volume of the Al Bhed Primers near the wall.

The treasures are randomly either a treasure or a Mimic. If the treasure is a Mimic, the nearby chests disappear. If one opens a chest but leaves the chest group, the other chests will disappear even if the Mimic did not appear. The goal is to avoid a Mimic in all four groups to earn 99 Warp Spheres.

The only way to get 99 Warp Spheres is to save the game before entering for the first time due to "RNG" (random number generator) function, which is not actually random, and not exclusively at the whim of the "random" factors set in-game at Load or by the console. Upon landing at the ruins, the "odds" are set on whether players can succeed at opening every chest, or not (1 chance for success possible in 240 attempts, without guarantee). Saving (anywhere) after visiting Omega Ruins locks in those odds. Once set, they cannot be changed thereafter for that playthrough. The exception is the PS4 and PC HD remake versions, where players can reroll to get the 99 Warp Spheres by using the save in the ruins. However, loading a saved game with any of the chests open resets the prize counter, and the player still needs to open all 12 chests in a row to get the 99 Warp Spheres. Saving the game between groups does not reset the counter (i.e. opening 2 chests, saving, then opening the 3rd chest still gives Turnover as expected).

Should one pick wrongly along the way and encounter a Mimic, the player should do a soft reset by reloading the file save and try again. The "timing of opening chests" or "the order in which the player open the chests", do not influence the chance to get 99 Warp Spheres.

It is recommended to use the diagram to get the Teleport Sphere by activating the glyphs. For that, the player must move to the west corridor from the entrance, follow the path up to a doormat glyph on the wall, head north to find a chamber with four chests, head northwest into a side corridor with another glyph, activate it, and return to the "doormat" one. The glyph is now working and it raises a bridge out to a chest suspended above the central stage.

Omega ruins

The chests contain the following items:

  1. Lv. 4 Key Sphere
  2. Defending Bracer
  3. Turnover
  4. Lv. 3 Key Sphere x2
  5. Defending Armlet
  6. Friend Sphere x2
  7. Lv. 4 Key Sphere
  8. Phantom Ring
  9. Cactuar Wizard
  10. Warmonger
  11. Teleport Sphere x2
  12. Warp Sphere x99

These are the normal treasure chests:

Enemies Edit

Musical themes Edit

"Beyond the Darkness"
FFX To the End of the Abyss

The theme that plays in the exterior of the Omega Ruins is "Beyond the Darkness". "Gloom" plays while in the Ruins.

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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Edit

FFAB Omega Ruins FFX Special
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