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Omega Mk. XII is an optional superboss in Final Fantasy XII. It is considered one of the toughest bosses in the game. It is a gigantic mimic found in the deepest reaches of the Great Crystal.

In Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System, Omega Weapon is also fought on the Trial Mode stage 99.

Clan Primer Edit

An ancient weapon of war, traveling the rifts between dimensions. Its body is set with machineries and weaponry of a far higher order than anything made today. Though it is a construct, it was built with the ability to grow, and so it has evolved like a living creature.
It generates the energy it needs to live by filtering and condensing Mist from the air.

Location Edit


Dormant Omega Mark XII.

Omega is located in the Great Crystal at Giruvegan and is only available to fight once the hunt for Yiazmat has been accepted. The player party can enter Omega's chamber in the Crystal beforehand, but it will be in a dormant state and unresponsive, resembling a giant treasure chest like the Mimics in other dungeons.

Battle Edit

Omega is a tough opponent and will continuously use a laser beam that kills a character in two hits, even at level 99.

Omega will always attack the nearest target and is one of the few enemies in the game that cannot detect players who are vanished.

Strategy Edit

Using Balance on low HP works for added damage. The party should have Arise, Renew and Curaja.

A viable option at any level is to get three decoy characters under Stop and Reverse, a primary mage, a vanished character, and the character who controls Zodiark. Omega is one of the few enemies in the game that cannot detect players who are vanished, so a vanished character should never be targeted as long as they don't target Omega either.

First the player must get the Zodiark character under Reverse, and approach Omega on the platform, then summon Zodiark, who will use Final Eclipse. After that, the player can dump one of the decoys on the platform (leaving the Zodiark character KO'd) and put in the vanished character, who will try to sneak away and revive the Zodiark character, also putting them under Reverse.

The player should then remove all characters from play and go to the stopped decoy who keeps Omega busy and put in the character who controls Zodiark and use Final Eclipse again. If Stop runs out, the player can dump in another decoy, revive the fallen one and put them under Stop and Reverse again. The idea is to repeat this action, using Final Eclipse 20-30 times or so, until Omega falls. The key is keeping the decoy on the platform with Omega, so it stays busy and doesn't restore itself.

Another simpler tactic is to, with Bubble Belts equipped, use the following gambits in this order: (1) Self = Reverse; (2) Any Ally = Arise; and (3) Attack nearest target. Once in a while, the party should cast Hastega after a party member has cast Reverse on him/herself. Omega always attacks the nearest target, so the player can keep one mage/long range type character out of its range to revive fallen allies.

Rewards Edit

Following defeat, Omega will drop the Omega Badge loot. Selling the Omega Badge, Godslayer's Badge and Lu Shang's Badge will unlock the ultimate greatsword in the Bazaar, the Wyrmhero Blade.

The Final Fantasy XII Scenario Ultimania reveals that the Mythril Sword, an item not obtainable through shops, loots, or treasures, can be obtained from defeating Omega. Although the odds are astronomically low, it is possible it might even drop two Mythril Swords. The player should raise the chain level to its highest just before attacking Omega if they wish a chance to receive one. Unlike other optional bosses, Clan Centurio doesn't give a reward for defeating Omega.

Ancient warmech Edit

According to the Clan Primer entry, Omega Mk. XII is a construct of machine and weaponry that was created to battle a great Wyrm, possibly the Hell Wyrm or Yiazmat. This could also be a reference to Shinryu, dragon associated with Omega in Final Fantasy V.

Omega was given the ability to grow and evolve. It was left in the Great Crystal and allowed to grow on its own, using the Mist as an energy source. The story from the Urutan-Yensa bestiary entry seems to tell of the creation of Omega Mark XII, and implies that the creator lost track of it after its tracking devices were destroyed in a battle of some sort.

Version differences Edit

In the Japanese version of Final Fantasy XII, Omega has a little more than 10 million HP, making him second only to Yiazmat. For the North American and PAL versions, its HP was reduced to a mere 1 million, less than the Hell Wyrm and even a couple of the higher Marks.

The North American and PAL versions also added the Berserk status effect onto Omega's attack. Whatever the reasons for these changes, Omega is still one of the toughest battles, being the only enemy at Level 99 with the highest strength, defense and magic power.

Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

"Omega" is a reference to Omega Mark's heritage of the Omega Weapon superboss from earlier Final Fantasy installments. "Mark" in his name probably does not bear influence of the hunt marks of the many hunt clans in Ivalice; it is more likely it is "Mark XII", describing it as the 12th model of Omega Weapon, after a series of modifications to the original.

This naming convention was first used in Final Fantasy V Advance, with the superboss Omega Mk.II. The "XII" part of the boss's name is an allusion to the number twelve, the game's number in the Final Fantasy series.

Trivia Edit

  • Upon defeat, Omega Mark's head falls off upon the Warmech's malfunction. Its decapitated remains, as seen in a short sequence, resemble the traditional Omega Weapon's design even more.
  • Much like Gilgamesh, Omega Mark XII is said to be traveling the rifts between dimensions. This could hint that this is the same Omega encountered in Final Fantasy V, who was trapped in the same Interdimensional Rift as Gilgamesh.
  • Omega Mark XII was perhaps designed to defeat Yiazmat, as it only "activates" when the hunt for the great wyrm is accepted.
  • The story the player can obtain by completing the Urutan-Yensa bestiary makes a reference to Omega, since the author of these pages states at the end that he hopes his Mark XII finds a place "rich in Mist", which is one of the characteristics of the Great Crystal inside Giruvegan.

Etymology Edit

Omega (capital: Ω, lowercase: ω; Greek Ωμέγα) is the 24th and last letter of the Greek alphabet. It commonly represents the end or a limit of something, such as the concept of "alpha and omega".

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