FFXIV Stormblood Omega

The Omega is an ancient superweapon from Final Fantasy XIV. It was buried in the Carteneau Flats. Though mentioned since Patch 2.3 and largely unseen, it is set to have a larger role in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.


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Omega was discovered by the Allagan civilization in the Third Astral Era, buried deep within a rock stratum. Within moments it quickly deciphered their language and conversed with the technologists studying it, even developing a face-like structure to further communications.

It would eventually be employed as an anti-Primal weapon to capture the Dreadwyrm Bahamut during the invasion of Meracydia, who would be sealed within Dalamud. Its control panel was located beneath the Heliodrome at the Carteneau Flats, which was exposed during the Calamity.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm RebornEdit

Omega is first mentioned in the events of Defenders of Eorzea by Flame General Raubahn Aldynn and Nanamo Ul Namo, who confide to both the Warrior of Light and Alphinaud Leveilleur of its existence. The damage from the Calamity had unearthed many Allagan ruins at the Carteneau Flats. Data obtained from Allagan tomestones and other inscriptions imply it had a role in subduing Bahamut in order to seal him inside Dalamud. Raubahn even speculates the reason Nael van Darnus set Dalamud on its ultimate trajectory was to destroy the weapon on impact.

Its existence is initially doubted by leaders of the Eorzean Alliance, thinking it is a translation error. Only once Gaius van Baelsar reveals the Ultima Weapon, the leaders seriously consider its existence. Though the weapon is still in a dormant state, other factions are already seeking its potential. The Ul'dahn magnate Teledji Adeledji schemes to get his hands on the ancient superweapon, even going so far as to instigate a riot among refugees to try to get the Carteneau Reclamation Bill passed. These schemes soon culminate with the banquet celebrating the Defense of Ishgard. The events that transpire result in the death of Teledji Adeledji, but would also scatter the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, with the Warrior of Light fleeing to Ishgard.

Final Fantasy XIV: HeavenswardEdit

FFXIV Omega 2

Omega prepares to fight Shinryu.

Hmph. So it was here all along... Oh, just you wait, my pretty! You and I are going to have so much fun!

In the stinger of Soul Surrender, Nero tol Scaeva is seen approaching a console in the Carteneau Flats, apparently intent on awakening Omega.

In the events of The Far Edge of Fate, Nero approaches the Eorzean Alliance meeting discussing the Primal sealed above Baelsar's Wall. He suggests using Omega to deal with the dangerous Primal before it breaks free. Nero and Cid Garlond successfully restore the control panel, which Yda presses to activate the machine. Having quickly identified the sealed primal, the autonomous warmachine proceeds to its target at the wall. The Primal reveals itself to be Shinryu who emerges from the cocoon of light as Omega arrived. A titanic clash ensues between the two, with Omega shrugging off a tidal wave unleashed by the primal as they engaged in a powerful beam struggle. The battle ends with an immense explosion of light, with both primal and superweapon seen falling to the ground at two distant points.

Final Fantasy XIV: StormbloodEdit

Omega is the main endgame raid of Stormblood, and has players battle various creations created by Omega as it attempts to create a worthy challenge for them to fight.

Though originally thought to be of Allagan origin like the Ultima Weapon, it is revealed by Midgardsormr to be from another world like himself and far older than ancient Allag. Omega is able to create sentient life and its plan is to pit different lifeforms against each other in search of the mightiest being, so it too can evolve. After the the four creations in Deltascape are defeated, Omega coerces the adventurer to keep participating in the trials by threats of genocide on the Eorzean populace since the general populace is not able to defend themselves even from Omega's weaker creations.

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Omega (capital: Ω, lowercase: ω; Greek Ωμέγα) is the twenty-fourth and last letter of the Greek alphabet. It is synonymous with a set's end or limit.