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Omega FFV Artwork
The roiling skies let loose a vile beast without a soul: Omega was its name.
—Book in Final Fantasy V

Omega (オメガ, Omega?) is a recurring superboss in the Final Fantasy series. It is a powerful robot whose signature attack is Wave Cannon.


Final Fantasy V Advance - Omega Weapon

CG render of Omega as seen in Final Fantasy V.

Omega is a silver steel robot with a round body and four spider-like legs emerging from the sides. It has no head, and the central body is dominated by a large, yellow, pupil-less eye. Its signature attack, Wave Cannon, does heavy non-elemental damage to the party. Omega frequently uses the attacks Earthquake, Flamethrower, and Maelstrom, and otherwise uses technologically-themed attacks.

As with other recurring powerful bosses, like Shinryu or Gilgamesh, it is hinted that several of the "Omegas" in the series are the same entity across several games, traveling between worlds via the Interdimensional Rift. According to the Urutan-Yensa bestiary entry in Final Fantasy XII, Omega Mark XII was created by an inventor for the request of an unknown patron to defeat a monstrous wyrm. After giving birth to a brood of Weapons, the original Omega escaped after Farrister and his patron had a falling out.

Dissidia Final Fantasy refers to Omega as a powerful machine created by an ancient civilization to destroy another powerful entity that travels dimensions aiming to complete this objective. In Final Fantasy XIII-2, Omega was sealed away within another dimension due to its power and need to destroy everything and everyone around it.

All this may suggest the incarnations of Omega appearing across the series may be either the same entity traveling between worlds, or they are shades of the original Omega, as the Final Fantasy XII information on Omega implies, that were sent out to different worlds by the original Omega that created them. Based on Final Fantasy XII stating Omega was meant to destroy a powerful wyrm (or dragon), and Dissidia stating Omega was created to destroy a "massive power", it may be that Omega's objective is to destroy Shinryu, a powerful dragon that often appears parallel to Omega as another superboss and who also has the power to travel between dimensions. This is supported by Shinryu's Museum profile in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, which mentions Shinryu travels the Rift in search of Omega.


Final FantasyEdit

Omega psp
Main article: Omega (Final Fantasy)

Omega appears in the GBA/PSP/iOS versions. Appearing in Lifespring Grotto, it is one of two bosses fought at the end of the dungeon, the other being Shinryu. It uses a powerful Wave Cannon attack to hit the entire party and has high defenses.

Upon defeating it, the party wins the Murasame. Its sprite in the Dawn of Souls release is a modified sprite of Omega from Final Fantasy V, while in the 20th Anniversary and the iOS release, the sprite is of higher quality.

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

TAY PSP Omega Field
Main article: Omega (The After Years)

Omega appears as one of the bosses representing Final Fantasy V. It wanders around B14 in the Depths and can be avoided. It can counterattack with its special Omeguard, which reduces all damage it takes to a single digit for the next attack or two. Its normal attacks are powerful, and include its signature Surge Cannon, which can do several thousand damage to the entire party. It drops the fabled Hero's Shield upon defeat.

Final Fantasy VEdit

Omega FMV

Omega in a FMV.

Main article: Omega (Final Fantasy V)

Omega's first appearance in the series: it appears in the Interdimensional Rift wandering a small plateau outside a save point. Omega can be avoided with careful stepping, and is thus optional. In battle it uses powerful attacks and is fast, but is vulnerable to Stop—although Stop wears off quickly, this still gives Omega a large weakness. Defeating it earns the party the Omega Badge to show proof of their victory.

In the Advance and iOS versions the upgraded Omega Mk.II appears in the Sealed Temple bonus area with six copies of the original Omega roaming nearby.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Omega (FFXI)
Main article: Omega (Final Fantasy XI)

Omega appears more in-line with its original Final Fantasy V appearance than its previous bio-mechanical appearances. It appears in Chains of Promathia Mission 6-2 and its power increases as it takes damage. It does not turn to attack enemies but merely swats them with the nearest limb.

Although it is strong, Omega Weapon is small enough to fit on an airship. A prototype, known as Proto-Omega, awaits those at the heart of Apollyon and is more powerful. A third variant, known as the Pantokrator, has been seen in Abyssea - Uleguerand.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Omega Mk12

Omega Mark XII.

For the battle information, see: Omega Mark XII

Omega Mark XII is described as a war-machine with weapons stronger than any modern ones, and is located at the Great Crystal. It is available to fight once the Hunt for the Elite Mark Yiazmat has been accepted; if the party visits its area beforehand, it will appear in a dormant state, in the shape of a giant coffer, and cannot be roused.

Defeating it earns the party the Omega Badge, one of the Loot items needed to acquire the Wyrmhero Blade. Omega had 10 million HP in the Japanese release of the game, but was weakened to a mere 1 million for the North American and PAL releases. Despite its HP being surpassed by other superbosses within the game, Omega Mark XII has the highest strength, defense and magick power, as well as being the only Level 99 boss in the game.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

Omega XIII-2 Battle Render
Main article: Omega (Final Fantasy XIII-2)

Omega is an optional DLC boss. Defeating him, as with other monsters, allows the player to recruit him as a party member to the Paradigm Pack. Omega uses Flamethrower, Missile and its signature Wave Cannon.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Though not yet directly seen, Omega has been mentioned as a dormant Allagan superweapon discovered beneath the Carteneau Flats in the aftermath of Bahamut's rampage. Much of the unrest in Ul'dah during later parts of A Realm Reborn Main Scenario were due to machinations of Teledji Adeledji in a bid to seize control of the area.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a KingEdit

Main article: Omega (My Life as a King)

Omega appears as the 50th floor boss in the optional dungeon Infinity Spire. He uses Wave Cannon that will hit every Adventurer within Infinity Spire, even if they are not fighting him. Defeating Omega rewards one of the Adventurers who survived the battle with the Omega Symbol, a level 50 necklace that adds +27 to all stats.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal BearersEdit

Main article: Omega Slave

Two Crystal Armors, named Omega Slaves by their goblin worshipers, can be encountered in the interior of the Aerial Prison as optional field bosses. The duo were once secret prototypes of the Lilty Kingdom to develop an ultimate weapon powered by Crystals but after the fall of the prison, monsters snuck into the prison's secret lab and stole the new weapons that had been developed.

Final Fantasy Legends: Toki no SuishōEdit

FFLTnS Omega

Omega appears as a high-ranked fire-elemental summon for the player to use. The summon's initial design is based off it's appearance from Final Fantasy V, but it's final design is based off the color scheme of the Omega Mark XII from Final Fantasy XII. Omega's special ability is Wave Cannon, which deals fire-elemental damage to all enemies. Summoning Omega costs 3 points from the Consumption Gauge.

Omega allows the wielder to use the following abilities:

Upgrading StatsEdit

Rank Maximum Level Phantom Stone Cost Max HP Max MP Max Attack Max Magic Max Speed Components Needed
☆ 5 50 18 1216 71 90 82 70 None
☆ 6 60 18 1490 86 110 100 86 ?
☆ 7 70 18 1736 98 126 115 98 ?

Dissidia Final FantasyEdit


Omega being summoned.

A soulless entity from a far away sky. Created by an ancient civilization as a machine capable of utter destruction, no one is certain for what purpose it was built. One source suggests it was created to eliminate some other massive power. With its creators long gone, it traverses dimensions, aiming only to complete its objective.

Omega is a strong summon that repeatedly reduces the opponent's Bravery by half during a certain period of time. The artwork used for the summon is from Final Fantasy V. Omega can be obtained in the second stage of the Inward Chaos storyline.

Aside from Omega's summon appearance, it is mentioned in the Cosmos Reports and is identified by name as a weapon of destruction used in war with the state of the narrator, along with summoned monsters. According to the reports, Chaos defeated the summons and Omega and sealed them away.

Omega is the name of a Ghost Card bearing the Final Fantasy V Omega Player Icon. Omega is a Level 100 Exdeath, and has the Purple Gem and Omega Badge to be won through battlegen, the latter a reference to the item won upon defeating Omega in Final Fantasy V. The quote on the card, "Roiling skies let loose a vile, soulless beast: Omega was its name" is a slight paraphrase of a book in Final Fantasy V that describes Omega and Shinryu.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Omega returns as summon with the same function as in the previous game. It can be purchased from the secret Moogle Shop within the Land of Discord during Scenario 000 for 1,500 KP. The Reports also expand on his background in the Dissidia universe.

Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit

Theatrhythm Omega
A heartless entity moving always through dimensions. Brom from a lost civilization as their ultimate weapon, its powers proved beyond control and it was sealed away within the Rift. Beware of its Wave Cannon.
—Omega's CollectaCard

Omega appears as a tough to beat rare boss in Final Fantasy V scenarios and the Chaos Shrine.

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit

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Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

PFF Omega

Omega from Final Fantasy V appears as an enemy in Pictlogica Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy All the BravestEdit

Omega appears as a boss in Final Fantasy All the Bravest.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


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Final Fantasy ExplorersEdit

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Chocobo SeriesEdit

Main article: Omega (Chocobo Series)

Omega appears as an enemy and in Chocobo Tales as one of the five hidden promo cards.

Omega appears as the last optional boss after Shinryu in Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon, and can be fought on floor 99. Omega returns in Chocobo's Dungeon 2, this time appearing on floor 24 of the Secret Dungeon.

Final Fantasy: UnlimitedEdit

Main article: Omega (Unlimited)

Omega is an entity of massive destructive potential. Long ago, it was split up into various different body parts, which now roam Wonderland hunting for their "brothers". Some parts have crystallized and can be easily captured, while others have become humanoid in shape. The character Clear is a piece of Omega, his heart. Earl Tyrant desires to recombine Omega to use its vast power for his own.

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Omega in his Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy XIII-2 appearances appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. The cards are Dark-elemental.

Non-Final Fantasy AppearancesEdit

Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street PortableEdit

Omega is a chance card in Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable, the card's ability: Buy target empty land (unoccupied land).

Lord of Vermilion IIIEdit


Omega's card in Lord of Vermilion III.

Omega appears as a card in the card game Lord of Vermilion III.

Guardian CrossEdit

GC Omega
Fallen from a sundered sky and now wandering the Rift, this godly weapon awaits any foe fool enough to face it.

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[view  · edit  · purge]Omega (capital: Ω, lowercase: ω; Greek Ωμέγα) is the 24th and last letter of the Greek alphabet. It commonly represents the end or a limit of something, such as the concept of "alpha and omega".

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