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Omega: Reunion and Departure is the fourteenth episode of Final Fantasy: Unlimited.



The children, Lisa and Chobi overlook the flames from Fungus and Kaze's last battle. They decide to renew their efforts to locateg the children's parents. Kaze stands amidst the rubble, mourning the death of the world.


Oscar reports to the Earl within his throne room, claiming Chaos is healthy due to Fungus's recent activities. Oscar suggests they show the newest Lord of Guadium the "Room of Chaos".

The children, Lisa and Chobi return to the train. As Chobi and Ai sleep, Lisa and Yu reflect on the appearance of the Black Pillar and events connected to it.

In the Earl's citadel, the Earl and his lords have gathered in a massive room, with a swirling mass of energy below a walkway. This is Chaos; a being the feeds of negative emotions, particularly fear. Pist announces that his Ocean Puzzle is completed, and is awaiting the "bait".


The subway springs into panic, as another piece of Omega appears, chasing them through the tunnel. Without a way of harming Omega, the group can only wait as it tears the subway apart, sending them plummeting into the unknown.

After they have slipped unconscious, Fabula appears and guides them to safety. Awakening in a blizzard, the group finds shelter and makes camp. As they warm themselves by the fire, a square tile of ice is lifted from the ground, through which Fango appears.


Following Fango, the group arrives at the new Comodeen's hideout. After reuniting with old friends, Cid takes the group to see his latest work; an airship Silvia that cannot run without a substance called Flight Water.

The group discusses the power of Chaos, and how its power could be used for war. Lisa recalls the destructive power of Kaze and his summoned creatures. The next morning Knave announces that the Comodeen will take Cid's submarine, Jane, to the ends of the ocean in search for the Flight Water. He invites Lisa, Chobi and the children along with them.

They, Cid, Knave, Fungo, Miles and a large band of Comodeen set off into the ocean, watched by Crux. Kaze watches the submarine sail towards the horizon from the icy peaks above the Comodeen's base.