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Old Lestallum is an outpost in Cleigne region in Final Fantasy XV. It is a small town where the original Crow's Nest Diner is located. The party drives through here on their way to Cape Caem with Iris Amicitia, but upon learning of an imperial base nearby, they drop her off at Old Lestallum to go check it out.


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When Noctis Lucis Caelum and his party with Iris Amicitia are heading to Cape Caem they see an imperial cargo ship fly overhead. The party stops at Old Lestallum to drop off Iris, to head to the base where the ship landed. Once they are done infiltrating the base the party returns to Old Lestallum and hangs out at the motel overnight and leaves the next morning.

When darkness overruns Eos, Old Lestallum is turned into a Hunters outpost, and when EXINERIS Industries sends power to Old Lestallum, it becomes liveable for refugees. It is unknown if Old Lestallum survives as an outpost throughout the 10 years of Noctis's sleep in the Crystal, though in the credits of Final Fantasy XV: Comrades it is shown being attacked.

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Quests Edit

Artist in Altissia Edit

There are two drawings by an artist from Altissia at the Crow's Nest Diner at Old Lestallum. One is one the owner, and another depicts Kenny Crow.

Hunts Edit

The Last SpiracornsOld Lestallum1
Red Hunt Icon
Duplicorn x2, Spiracorn x3Lower Wennath (Daytime)294,610 gil, Megalixir★★
Shear ForceOld Lestallum1
Red Hunt Icon
Mightyshears x3Lower Wennath (All Times)345,730 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★
Blobs AshoreOld Lestallum1
Red Hunt Icon
Gelatin x3Malmalam Thicket (Nighttime)355,920 gil, Titanium Bangle★★★
Herald from the DepthsOld Lestallum5
Red Hunt Icon
Karlabos x1Leirity Seaside (All Times)407,730 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★
Starving Beast Seeks FoodOld Lestallum6
Red Hunt Icon
Aspidochelon x1Lower Wennath (All Times)4711,790 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★
Malmalam MirageOld Lestallum1
Red Hunt Icon
Bandersnatch x1Malmalam Thicket (All Times)5113,500 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★★
Scrap it Now!Old Lestallum7
Red Hunt Icon
Leukorn x3Coernix Bypass (Daytime)6118,330 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★★
Rulers of the BanksOld Lestallum8
Red Hunt Icon
Coraldevil x3, Seadevil x3The Maidenwater (All Times)6220,550 gil, Towel★★★★

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