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Mysterious island revealed by the skysea's destruction. The aegyl dare not approach for fear they should disturb the Lord of the Seas said to dwell thereon.
—In-game description

Oghu, the Veiled Isle is a location on the Muruc Cahuac Skysea from Lemurés in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. It becomes accessible after the skysea is destroyed and becomes an archipelago. Though Oghu does not host any storyline missions, a few Rank III Espers appear here.

Side Missions Edit

Mission 58: Serpent's Rage Edit

Leviathan, lord of the deep, dwells on this small island adrift in the remains of the skysea. His home destroyed, Leviathan's cry echoes in the void, but is it a cry of anger or lament?

This is a battle against the Esper Leviathan.

Monsters Edit

Map Oghu RW

Rewards Edit

Mission 77: Darkening Clouds Gather Edit

A column of water rises where once stood the majestic skysea, radiating thick clouds that cast a pall over the surrounding landscape. Is this a scion's attempt to shroud the world in darkness?

This is a battle against the Esper Famfrit.

Monsters Edit

Map Oghu RW

Rewards Edit

  • Fomalhaut
  • Glimmering Robes
  • Auracite
  • Cleric's Robes

Summoning Melee Edit

Open battle against foes who summon wave after wave of Yarhi.

Leaders Edit

Monsters Edit

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