Final Fantasy XIIIEdit


Beginning of a battleEdit

No daydreaming now!

You're gonna regret it!

Don't supose you'll take it easy on us.
Can't we just run away?
—Fight against Long Gui; requires being the Leader.

It isn't Serah!
—Second fight against Barthandelus; requires being the Leader.

This is my chance to make everything right!
—Second fight against Orphan; requires being the Leader.

Paradigm ShiftEdit

I'm not all smiles and sunshine!

No choice, I guess!

We'll be fine, you'll see!

Not gonna be easy on you!

I like this one better.

You monster!
—Fight against Barthandelus; requires being the Leader.

You can't control us!
—Fight against Barthandelus; requires being the Leader.

Commando abilitiesEdit

Ravager abilitiesEdit

Hey you!

Take this!

Take that!

No holding back.

My turn.


Sentinel abilitiesEdit

Over here!

Afraid of a girl?

Saboteur abilitiesEdit

Take this!

Hey you!


Synergist abilitiesEdit

This'll do!

Medic abilitiesEdit



Ready, set, go!

I'm just fine.

You can do it!

Oh yeah?

Keep it together.

It'll be okay.

Be careful!

Full ATB skill: DeathEdit

No one's getting hurt this time.

We can change the future!

Now you made me mad.

Alright, here it comes.

I have to see this through.

We can't give up hope!

This is for everyone.

Gotta put an end to this!


Come on, Hecaton!
—summoning Hecatoncheir

We're counting on you!

Let's go. Hecaton!
—Hecatoncheir is summoned

We fight better together!

Let's pick up the slack!
—Entering Gestalt Mode

Let's get things done!

No stopping us now!
—finished entering Gestalt Mode

Let's get things done!
—finished entering Gestalt Mode

Let's see some fireworks!
—attacking in Gestalt Mode

Get 'em!
—Chain Cannons

—using Force Blasters

Puttin' an end to this!

Hit 'em hard!
—Piercing Ray

Give 'em everything you got!

Bring out the big guns!
—Gaian Salvo

Thanks a bunch!

See you next time!
—Summoning complete.


Well, that wasn't scary at all...

Yay us!

I'm tougher than you thought, huh?


Is it really over?

What went wrong?

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