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Ochu vs Warrior

An Ochu artwork from the original Final Fantasy.

The Ochu (オチュー, Ochū?, lit. Otyugh) is a recurring enemy in the Final Fantasy series. Its appearance is usually that of a large plant with either two or four thorny arms and a ring of flower petals that somewhat resemble a skirt. It commonly uses Sleep and Poison-based attacks.


Final FantasyEdit

Ochu ff1 psp

Ochus (the name appeared in the original NES translation as Ocho) are a common sight when riding the canoe to Mount Gulg, and also make appearances in the Citadel of Trials. Neochus live in the Flying Fortress.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Ho-chu FF7

The Ho-chu is an exclusive enemy to the Battle Square. There exists in the game coding for an enemy formation consisting of one Ho-chu in the Ancient Forest. It seems to be treated as a special encounter, since it is not possible to escape from it.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

Main article: Ochu (Before Crisis)

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

FF8 Ochu

Ochus are scattered in various places around the world, including the forest in which the second Laguna sequence takes place and the Island Closest to Heaven.

Final Fantasy IXEdit

Main article: Ochu (Final Fantasy IX)

The Conde Petie Mountain Path has Ochu enemies on it.

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Final Fantasy XEdit


Lord Ochu is an optional boss which can be fought in the Kilika Woods. Later on Ochus are encountered along the Moonflow road. Lastly, Mandragoras are encountered in the Mt. Gagazet caves and on the road leading to Zanarkand.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Ochu's become regular enemies after Chapter 4 and Drowsy Ochu's overtake the Mushroom Rock road during Chapter 3 and all Ochu's can later be fought in Via Infinito in Chapter 5.

Sphere BreakEdit

Ochu Coin
Coin No. 28 Coin Value 7
Trait Gil x2
Location Found in the Western or Southern Expanses of the Bikanel Desert.

Final Fantasy X-2: Last MissionEdit

Main article: Ochu (Last Mission)

Ochu is fought as a boss on the 20th floor.

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Final Fantasy XIEdit

There is a creature known as an Ochu in Final Fantasy XI; however, this creature is actually in the Morbol family, more commonly called Malboros. They inhabit certain plateaus of Rolanberry Fields.

The Rafflesia inhabiting the areas around Windurst during the Shadowreign era more closely resemble the traditional Ochu.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit


Ochu from Final Fantasy XIII.

Ochu appear in Final Fantasy XIII as both a regular enemy and as a mission. In this game, they are accompanied by Microchu in battle. A stronger variety, known as the Neochu is also fought in a mission, and is accompanied by several Picochu in battle.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

FFXIII enemy Ochu

Ochu appears as a sidequest target in Archylte Steppe -Year Unknown-. It appears with several Microchus.

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Final Fantasy XIVEdit

The Ochu is a common menace throughout the Black Shroud. The proper Ochu are the strongest variant, seen within sylph territory. Weaker varieties include the Microchu and Overgrown Ivy. All varieties enjoy spraying toxic fumes that can inflict status ailments such as poison or slow on players.

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit


The Ochu is a member of the Malboro species.

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

The Ochu and Neochu appears in this game as Malboro type enemies, they are more powerful than average Malboros and are only fought once as part of a special mission. According to the mission description, they are not native to Ivalice.

Final Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesEdit

Main article: Ochu (Crystal Chronicles)

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a KingEdit

Main article: Ochu (My Life as a King)

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

PFF Ochu

Ochu from Final Fantasy XIII appears as an enemy in Pictlogica Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy All the BravestEdit

The gaping maw and lethal tentacles almost ruin the beautiful flower atop its head.
—In-game description.
Ochu ATB

The Ochu appears in Final Fantasy All the Bravest as an enemy encountered on the Archylte Steppe. It uses Feeler and drops the Dragon Whisker.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


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[view  · edit  · purge]"Ochu" comes from Dungeons & Dragons; specifically, it is the otyugh. The name in Japanese (and transliterations) comes from the pronunciation; it is pronounced with a short O and T (practically to a ch), making the pronunciation close to "o-chuugh". "オチュー" is the closest the katakana system can get to representing the sound.

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