Saved by King Regis as a child, Nyx repays the debt by serving the Kingsglaive with distinction. His unique ability to wield the King's magic and epic exploits in combat have earned him the moniker of 'hero' among his peers.
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Nyx Ulric is the main protagonist of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and a member of the eponymous Kingsglaive. Hailing from Galahd, he is tasked with protecting Princess Lunafreya of Tenebrae when Niflheim invades Lucis.




Concept art shown at The Magic of Kingsglaive and Final Fantasy XV art exhibit in New York from August 19 to September 3, 2016.

Nyx is a young man with brown hair and blue eyes. He wears the black uniform typical of his fellow Glaives, but his is customized with a silver horn on its hood, purple ribbons on its back, and pelts of blue-gray fur on its left sleeve. The horn may be in allusion to King Regis, who wears a hornlike crown on the same side as Nyx has his horn.

Nyx has small and subtle tattoos. He has a "crow's foot" on his right cheek, and a line and a dot under his left eye. He has markings on his ears, a line down his neck, one around his right leg and a line down his middle finger of his left hand, and another down his forefinger on his right hand.

Nyx appears with a large feline in some illustrations. It is a Galahad-native coeurl and Nyx's image-motif. Horns and fur on his gear symbolize him being wild and also foreign, as he is an immigrant from Galahad in thus from a different culture compared to Lucis. His theme color is blue to complement Regis, whose purple theme reflects his nobility and maturity. To show Nyx's youth and to make it in line with Regis's purple, blue was chosen to be Nyx's color.[2]


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Nyx is a heroic individual who feels indebted to King Regis. He is confident in his abilities, but is haunted by the memory of his sister's death, which can cause him to have flashbacks during battles whenever his friends are in danger of not being able to save her. This is why he does all in his power to save his comrades, who call him by the moniker "hero" from his exploits. When his comrades betray him, Nyx remains loyal to the Lucian royal family, as well as his best friend Libertus and Lady Lunafreya; when Insomnia falls, he hangs onto hope and resolves to fight for the future thanks to Lunafreya's encouragement about Nyx's sister wanting him to see a brighter future.

Nyx is selfless, as he refuses to choose between Libertus or Lunafreya when requesting the power from the Ring of the Lucii. Nyx elects to instead sacrifice his own life to the past Lucian kings' spirits, who grant the ring's power to those they deem worthy. Nyx bargains with them knowing that the price for using the ring's powers for those not of the Lucian royal blood is a life. Unlike his former mentor and superior, Titus Drautos, who was also General Glauca, Nyx can move on from his past to fight to help give the world a future, something that would not happen if Niflheim claimed the Ring of the Lucii instead of Prince Noctis. As a result, he was no longer fighting to protect Insomnia and did not care what happened to the city as long as he kept the Ring of Lucii away from the Empire's hands.

Although he is selfless, it can be interpreted as arrogance, which leads to the old kings initially judging him as unworthy. Even when he proves his worth, Nyx gloats, saying the kings would lose their "precious ring" if they burn him.



Nyx uses magic.

Nyx is a skilled wielder of the Lucian royal family's powers. He favors his ability to warp, and when he is deemed worthy of the Ring of the Lucii, he becomes even more powerful and gains the ability to control the Old Wall. He is once shown wielding fire in his hand while watching television in his apartment, almost identical to an earlier scene of King Regis wielding fire while on his throne, displaying Nyx's talent at wielding some of the king's powers.


Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XVEdit

My life is nothing. Giving the future to those who want to see it…is everything.
—Nyx Ulric

Nyx grew up alongside Libertus Ostium in Galahd. His sister was killed, and he was saved by King Regis of Lucis. Seeking to repay his debt to the monarch, Nyx joined the Kingsglaive, an elite unit of soldiers whose members are chosen for their aptitude for magic.


Nyx fights a Cerberus.

Alongside his fellow Glaives, Nyx defends the borders of Lucis from Niflheim and Tenebrae's forces. He disobeys Captain Drautos's order to retreat, and instead chooses to save Libertus, his childhood friend, from Cerberus, a powerful three-headed beast. As punishment Nyx is placed on guard duty upon his return to Insomnia, the crown city of Lucis.

Three days before a peace treaty is to be signed between King Regis of Lucis and Emperor Iedolas Aldercapt of Niflheim, Nyx is relocated to the Citadel by Drautos. As mentioned in Final Fantasy XV Prologue Parting Ways, Drautos has Nyx drop Noctis off to his place as thanks for using his car. The men discuss the death of Crowe Altius, and the next day, Nyx gets into a heated argument with Libertus after seeing Crowe's corpse. That evening, Nyx attends a party celebrating the treaty signing and meets Princess Lunafreya Nox Fleuret.

On the day the peace treaty is to be signed, Nyx discovers Lunafreya has been kidnapped and Drautos has mysteriously disappeared. He demands the Kingsglaive's deployment from King Regis, and leads his comrades on a mission aboard a Niflheim airship to rescue the princess. Nyx is betrayed by a majority of his fellow Glaives who disagree with the peace treaty terms and deem the king has abandoned them. Nyx frees Lunafreya and uses the airship to fly back to the Citadel with her. They witness the Wall fall as Niflheim begins its invasion, deploying daemons and magitek infantry to annihilate the city. Nyx and Lunafreya help a wounded King Regis escape Imperial General Glauca, who seeks the Ring of the Lucii, a ring that gives special powers to the past kings' chosen.


Nyx with King Regis and Luna.

At the end of a secret passageway, Nyx questions King Regis's decision to sacrifice Insomnia for Prince Noctis's continued safety. He agrees to protect Lunafreya, who is given the Ring of the Lucii, and flees with her after Regis is impaled by Glauca's blade.

As he and Lunafreya drive away from the Citadel, Nyx is contacted by Drautos and ordered to rendezvous with him in Section D of Insomnia. In the city plaza, he is attacked by a fellow Glaive Luche Lazarus and discovers through Libertus's intervention that Drautos is Glauca. To protect his friends, Nyx puts on the Ring of the Lucii and is granted its power in exchange for his life. After ordering Libertus to get Lunafreya somewhere safe, he gives her the ring to deliver it to Noctis. Nyx engages Glauca while wielding the power of the old kings. In the clash's aftermath, Nyx dies peacefully as he wishes Noctis a healthy rule.

Final Fantasy XVEdit


Nyx'x body hanging above the throne.

Ten years after the world is plunged into darkness with the Starscourge, an illusory version of Nyx's corpse hangs in chains from the ceiling of the Citadel's throne room. Ardyn Izunia uses it to discourage Noctis. The corpse has white crystalline scarring, showing the damage Nyx sustained by using the Ring of the Lucii.

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As an easter egg, Nyx's weapons can be obtained in Chapter 14 in Final Fantasy XV. If the player returns to the opening area of Insomnia and defeats a level 85 Psychomancer after defeating the penultimate boss, they get Ulric's Kukris. They are dagger-type weapons that Noctis and Ignis can use.

Creation and developmentEdit

Nyx Concept Art 2

Concept artwork.

Nyx's theme color is blue to complement Regis's more mature and noble purple. He has animalistic elements to his character design to show he is an immigrant and from a different culture. He is 32 because the development team wanted him to be 20 years old 12 years ago (when the 8-year-old Noctis visited Tenebrae). Kingsglaive was established 15 years ago, so Nyx is a veteran. Kingsglaive members were designed to be older than the player party from Final Fantasy XV to show the world of Eos from the eyes of experienced people who have learned the world.[2]

The likeness of Johan Akan, a French model, is used to portray Nyx.[3] Neil Newbon is the character's motion capture artist.[4]

The scene where Nyx talks with Luna on the eve of the signing ceremony is adapted from the original opening for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, complete with the painting of the goddess Etro on the background.

At the community event in Osaka on 1st July 2017, it was revealed the developers were working on a Nyx model for PlayStation 4.[5] Whether this means Nyx is planned to appear in a playable form is unknown.


In the Japanese version of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, Nyx is voiced by Gō Ayano.[6] In the film's English version, he is voiced by Aaron Paul.

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Play Arts -Kai-

Nyx has a Play Arts action figure.



Nyx is a primordial goddess of the night in Greek mythology.

Ulric is a variant of the name Ulrich, which means "heritage ruler." It is also a middle English form of the name Wulfric, which means "wolf ruler."



Nyx's dagger in Comrades loading screen.

  • As an easter egg, Nyx's daggers can be obtained in Chapter 14 in Final Fantasy XV. Noctis also uses them in Omen when he fights Niflheim troops on a bridge. Artwork of one of the Nyx's daggers also appears in a loading screen for Final Fantasy XV: Comrades.

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