This boss Muddles foes with Overflow, and changes its defense with WallChange. Use physical attacks with weapons that don't have an elemental affiliation.
—PlayStation bestiary

Number 024 is a boss in Final Fantasy VI fought before entering the heart of the Magitek Research Facility.

Stats Edit

Final Fantasy VI enemy stats
#291#292 (GBA) #293
☆042☆043 (Mobile/PC) ☆044
Names Location Type Other information
SNES: Number 024
PS: No. 024
GBA: Number 024
Mobile/PC: Number 024
Magitek Research Facility (Magitek Res. Factory(in SNES)) Humanoid Falls into Death status when has 0 MP. Delivers Critical Hits when in Imp status. Harder to run from. The party cannot escape.
Level HP MP Attack Magic
24 4,777 777 20 3
Defense Magic Defense Magic Evasion Speed Hit Rate
170 100 0 40 0
Evasion EXP Gil
0 0 0
Elemental affinities
Fire-icon-ffvi Ice-icon-ffvi Lightning-icon-ffvi Poison-icon-ffvi Holy-icon-ffvi
Varies Varies Varies 200% Varies
Earth-icon-ffvi Wind-icon-ffvi Water-icon-ffvi Restorative Instant Death
Varies Varies Varies -100%Absorbs 100%
Statuses and immunities
Blind Zombie Poison Magitek Invisible Imp Petrify Death Doom Critical
Immune Immune Immune Immune - - Immune Immune Immune Immune
Image Silence Berserk Confuse Sap Sleep Float Regen Slow Haste
Immune Immune - Immune Immune - - - Immune -
Stop Shell Protect Reflect Meteor Strike Libra Sketch Control Fractional Invincible
- - - - Immune - - - Immune -
Items (GBA/Mobile/PC)
Steal Item dropped Metamorphose
(Miss rate: 100%)
[87.5%Applies when successful; success based on users' level, doubles with Thief's Bracer.] Rune Blade
[12.5%Applies when successful; success based on users' level, doubles with Thief's Bracer.] Blood Sword
[87.5%] Flametongue
[12.5%] Icebrand

[Slot 1 (25%)]Antidote
[Slot 2 (25%)]Green Cherry
[Slot 3 (25%)]Eyedrops
[Slot 4 (25%)]Gold Needle
Morph ID: 0
Abilities (GBA/Mobile/PC)
Attack Abilities Rage Sketch Control & Confuse (Immune)
Normal Attack: Rune Blade
Special Attack: Overflow (Inflicts Confuse)
Barrier Change, Arctic Hare, Libra, Blizzard, Blizzara, Fire, Fira, Fireball, Aqua Breath, Acid Rain, Cure, Cura, Magnitude 8, Cave In, Reverse Polarity, Sonic Boom, Gale Cut, Thunder, Thundara None Attack, Overflow Attack, Overflow

Battle Edit

Number 024 is vulnerable to Sleep, and players should take advantage of this. Sleep can be easily learn from the Siren magicite.

The boss can use Barrier Change to alter its elemental weaknesses and immunities, and as the party is likely to be equipped with elemental weapons found in the Facility, they may end up accidentally healing him when they attack. He can also confuse party members using Overflow.


Number 024 has a vulnerability to the status ailment Imp. Although it may miss at first, once Imp is cast, Number 024 can only use a physical attack, making the battle much easier, although his physical automatically criticals when Imp, so the party will still need to heal. Although powerful physical attacks will work, the party can also wait for Number 024 to use Barrier Change once, then Imp him and take advantage of his elemental weakness now that he cannot change it. If Gau is in the group and is at level 24, the Zaghrem Rage will allow him to cast Stone, which deals eight times the damage to targets of the same level as the caster.

The player has the opportunity to acquire the Blood Sword early by stealing from Number 024, though this is rare. The player can save beforehand near the Ifrit and Shiva battle location, and repeat stealing until the Blood Sword is obtained.

Formations Edit

Number Enemies Encounter flags Introduction flag Musical theme Magic AP
Norm.Normal Back Surr.Surrounded Side
441 Number 024 Y N N N Sides, individual The Decisive Battle 4
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AI script Edit

If Timer >= 30:

Barrier Change (100%)
Increase Var3 by 1

If Var3 >= 3:

Display message: System error!
1st Turn: Target: Self
Sunbath (33%) or Arctic Hare (33%) or Libra (33%)
2nd Turn: Target: Self
Sunbath (33%) or Arctic Hare (33%) or Libra (33%)
3rd Turn: Target: Self
Sunbath (33%) or Arctic Hare (33%) or Libra (33%)
Set Var3 == 0

Attack Turns:
If weak to Fire: Blizzard (66%) or Blizzara (33%)
If weak to Ice: Fire (33%) or Fira (33%) or Fireball (33%)
If weak to Lightning: Aqua Breath (33%) or Acid Rain (66%)
If weak to Poison: Cure (66%) or Cura (33%)
If weak to Wind: Magnitude 8 (66%) or Cave In (33%)
If weak to Holy: Attack (66%) or Reverse Polarity (33%)
If weak to Earth: Sonic Boom (33%) or Gale Cut (66%)
If weak to Water: Thunder (66%) or Thundara (33%)

1st Turn: Attack (66%) or Overflow (33%)

If attacked by element Number 024 is currently weak to:

Barrier Change (100%)
Increase Var3 by 1

If attacked by anything: Attack (33%)

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Edit


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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit


FFRK Number 024

Number 024 from Final Fantasy VI appears as an enemy in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Edit


Number024 TCG

Number 024 appears with an Earth-elemental card.

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