FFI NulMgc Status PS

The party under NulDeath status in Final Fantasy (PS).

NulDeath (バマジク, Bamajiku?) is a status found exclusively in Final Fantasy It protects the afflicted from instant death spells, and is almost always cast through the spell NulDeath. The status gives resistance to spells and enemy abilities that use the death element. The status is also granted by the spell NulAll, also known as WALL.

Death elemental spells: Death, Kill.

Death elemental enemy abilities: Squint, Toxic.

Status effects are not blocked directly in this game and as such there is no true immunity to any normal status afflicting spell. However, because Kill uses an alternate calculation to hit having resistance to the death element will grant effective immunity that specific spell.

Because of how the NulDeath spell is set up, the NulDeath status is never granted on it's own and is always applied along side NulStatus and NulEarth.