FFXIII2 enemy Caterchipillar


The nudibranch class is a type of feral creature found in Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. They are slug-like animals found on Cocoon, Gran Pulse and Nova Chrysalia. They usually attack in large groups and Drain HP from their foes.

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, nudibranches are proficient as Medics or Commandos. Their HP and Strength stats are rather low, while Magic is decently high, making their Commando brethren rather unusual. Both possess the rare Drain Attack ability in place of ordinary physical attacks, allowing them to drain HP from their targets to refill their own.

FFXIII2 enemy Exoray


Nudibranches have one of two Feral Links. Slurp does physical damage; the Caterchipillar's version also casts Fog and Pain, while the Sarracenia and Crawler's version casts Deprotect. Explosive Thrust is a physical attack that drains HP.

The Crawler and the Caterchipillar are more simple in form, but the other nudibranches have broad leaf-like appendages on their heads that hint at a fusion of the animal and vegetable kingdoms. The appearance of the Alraune, Exoray and Rafflesia among the nudibranches confirms this is the concept behind them; these recurring enemies have always been humanoid plants, man-eating plants, or fungi (which have characteristics of both animals and plants) or something of the sort.

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