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An engagement taking place in Nubswood.

Deep, dark forest. Popular hideout for thieves.

The Nubswood (ヌーベスの森, Nūbesu no mori?) is a deep, dark forest from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It can be freed after "Mission #006: Antilaws" and "Mission #070: Raven's Oath" are completed.


Mission #003: The Cheetahs

  • There's a price on the heads of the band of conmen calling themselves the "Cheetahs." Word is they were seen in the Nubswood! Bratt, Streetear

Mission #025: Wanted!

  • This Month's Wanted! Black Mage Dolce: 4600 gil
    • Dangerous magic use
    • Eating and running
    • Assorted misdemeanors
    • Last spotted in forest

Mission #071: Nubswood Base

  • We've discovered a Borzoi Base in the Nubswood. Help us root this evil out of our lands forever! Sprohm Town Watch

Mission #086: Last Stand

  • I sense... a life-force possessing unfathomable magic powers! It would be folly to let it roam wild. Kill it! Kill it! Shaton, Diviner

Mission #242: The Nubswood

  • Rock turtles have been attacking travelers in the Nubswood. Use this "shellout" to get rid of them, please. Hoelik, Townsperson



Preservationists. Radical clan that doesn't like others coming into the woods.


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