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FFTA2 Madreth

The Nu Mou Nobles are a clan from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, lead by the Arcanist, Madreth. The Nu Mou Nobles are in a constant state of warfare at the Rupie Mountains with their rival clan, the Bangaa Brotherhood. They are referenced in a notice, and are first met in the quest The Nu Mou Nobles, where the player is given the Arcanist Job for delivering two items to Madreth. They also appear in the quests The Nu Mou of the Rupies and The Bangaa of the Rupies, where the player teams up with and faces off against the Nobles, respectively.

The name of the leader of the Nu Mou Nobles, Madreth, is roughly similar to the Spanish term for the period of age that comprises adulthood, known at times as madurez. This contrasts very well with his attitude, which seems to be wise and calm, yet at times untrustful of youth.

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