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Nova Chrysalia, a world diseased by Chaos. Made up of four regions, a monorail provides transportation for travel throughout this realm. Lightning, the protagonist, begins her final adventure in this plague-ridden land devoid of hope. However, her journey won't be long, as the Chaos has bled through the soil, drawing near the world's end.
—Official description[1]

Nova Chrysalia (called Novus Partus (ノウス゠パルトゥス, Nousu Parutusu?) in the Japanese version[2]) is the main setting of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. After the events of Final Fantasy XIII-2, the Chaos of Valhalla flows into the mortal world through Etro's Gate as a result of the goddess's death and Gran Pulse and Valhalla blend to form Nova Chrysalia.

Over the next five centuries the land that makes up Nova Chrysalia decays as a result of Valhalla's chaos, until only four continents are left. After Lightning awakens from crystal stasis, the world faces Apocalypse in thirteen days.


Image art map
Concept artwork of Nova Chrysalia.

Located in the Sea of Chaos, Nova Chrysalia comprises four continents connected by monorail and is surrounded by a lagoon whose waters fall into an endless abyss. Two of its continents are urbanized and the other two have natural terrain. Nova Chrysalia features plains, deserts, wilderness, rocky terrain, and ruins, as well as sites originally seen on both Gran Pulse and in Valhalla. Since Gran Pulse is Nova Chrysalia's original form, its remaining bit of land makes up the world. The architecture of the urban areas have gothic, mechanical, and fantasy elements.

Other than the world decaying, another side effect of Valhalla's Chaos is the disruption of the cycle of life; people never age but can suffer unbearable illnesses, and new children cannot be born. Though rendered biologically immortal, people can still die if killed, and anyone who questions the phenomenon or tries to discover the truth behind it is silenced. Most are unaware five centuries have passed and the world is coming to an end since each day feels like a blur. Another side effect of Chaos infecting the world is that people's hearts have become burdened and hopeless, or been corrupted.

List of Areas in Nova ChrysaliaEdit

The world map.

As revealed in the secret DLC ending of Final Fantasy XIII-2, the Dying World is among the areas of Gran Pulse that integrated into Nova Chrysalia.

Each of the four continents has a unique theme.

  • Luxerion, the "divine city of light", the gothic religious center of Nova Chrysalia, and the world's largest city. It the theme of "mystery-suspense", as Lightning has to use stealth and detective skills to solve the recent string of murders plaguing the city. The highroad connects the city with the Wildlands.
  • Yusnaan, the "city of revelry", the world's center of entertainment. It has a "spy" theme as Lightning's main goal is to infiltrate Snow Villiers's palace with guards anticipating her attempts. The highroad connects the city with the Dead Dunes.
  • The Ark, a structure within Bhunivelze, Hope Estheim's new Cocoon that temporarily floated above Gran Pulse in 500 AF, from where Hope watches over Lightning and Nova Chrysalia.
  • The Dead Dunes, a desert region filled with ancient ruins. The location's theme is "labyrinth exploring", since there are dungeons and ruins to explore. Highroads connect this desert with Yusnaan and the Wildlands.
  • The Wildlands, a region full of natural terrain which was originally Gran Pulse and Valhalla, containing forests, and wildlife roaming free as well as small villages, that invokes the "open world" feel. Highroads connect this vast plains with Luxerion and the Dead Dunes.


Nova Chrysalia started out as a single island, but as the game's concept and development grew, the island also grew, eventually developing into its final, four-island form.[3] Much of it was designed by Isamu Kamikokuryo around the concept of a dying world, taking architectural influences from Gothic architecture, Middle Eastern Asian motifs, and the machinery of the Industrial Revolution.[4] Each of the four islands was based on different real-world locations: Luxerion was inspired by Paris, Yusnaan by Las Vegas, the Dead Dunes by Cairo and the Wildlands by Costa Rica.[5]

Musical ThemesEdit

"Nova Chrysalia" is the eighteenth track on the third disc of the game's soundtrack. It will be played in various places after 12:00PM.


Nova Chrysalia's Japanese name, Novus Partus, means "New Offspring" in Latin.

Nova Chrysalia is made an alternate Latin word for "new", and an invented name stemming from "Chrysalis", the cocoon a caterpillar forms around itself while metamorphosing into a butterfly.



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