Final Fantasy XIII-2 Enemy
のつご (Notsugo)
FFXIII-2 Notsugo
HP FFXIII-2 Strength Icon FFXIII-2 Magic Icon
1,280 20 140
Stagger Icon FFXIII Chain Icon FFXIII
180% 0
Keep Launch Libra
5 Weakness 20
CP Gil
46 50
Fire Icon FFXIII Ice Icon FFXIII Lightning Icon FFXIII
Halved Weakness Halved
Wind Icon FFXIII Physical Icon FFXIII Magical Icon FFXIII
Halved Halved -
Status resistanceThe lower the number, the more suspectible the enemy is to the status.
Deprotect-ffxiii-icon Deshell-ffxiii-icon Slow-ffxiii-icon Poison-ffxiii-icon Imperil-ffxiii-icon
25% 25% 25% 25% 25%
Curse-ffxiii-icon Pain-ffxiii-icon Fog-ffxiii-icon Debrave-ffxiii-icon Defaith-ffxiii-icon
25% 60% - 25% 25%
Daze-ffxiii-icon Wound Death-ffxiii-icon Dispel-ffxiii-icon Provoke-ffxiii-icon
25% - 25% - -
Location Bresha Ruins -005 AF- (Echoes of the Past)
Type Feral Creature
Subtype Spook
Recruit Chance 10%
Common Drop Potent Sliver (20%)
Rare Drop Thickened Hide (5%)
Abilities Fira
Notes - Vulnerable to ice damage.
- Susceptible to Fog.

The Notsugo is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Found alongside Amanojaku, these creatures are rare and hard to find. They drop Potent Slivers and are not difficult to kill.

Paradigm Pack Edit

The Notsugo is a Ravager. It learns fire-elemental abilities and its stat development is weighted towards Magic. It learns no premium auto-abilities and its final stats are not high. It does learn Auto-Vigilance, but this is arguably a detriment, as it is not valued as highly as Auto-Protect and the like, but is ranked higher than them (Auto-Protect is Rank 7, Auto-Vigilance, Rank 8). Auto-Vigilance is impossible to get rid of without yellow-locking up to nine other abilities.

Tameable Monster
Name Notsugo Role Ravager
Traits Well-Grown - Rare - Plump
Composition Biological Start Grade Monster Grade 2
Max Level 45 HP 621
Strength 38 Magic 56
ATB Segments 3 Stages 3
Innate Affinities None
Feral Link Multicast (Casts Fire four times, Fira and Firaga on target. Input Type: Multiple)
Crystarium Development Graph
Green: HP / 10 Red: Strength Purple: Magic
Notsugo Development
Ability Type Level Infusible
Fire Command Initial Y
Immovable II Passive Initial N
Flamestrike Command 2 N
Resist Pain: +10% Passive 6 Y
Auto-Vigilance Passive 13 Y
Fira Command 20 Y
Resist Pain: +44% Passive 29 Y
Resist Pain: +66% Passive 37 Y
Firaga Command 45 Y

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