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Nooj is a boss in Final Fantasy X-2, fought in the Den of Woe as the last in a series of illusions created by the Den's pyreflies.

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Fiend Arena

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Nooj does not have many special attacks, but the few he does have are effective. He has his regular attack, a special gun attack that causes around 1,500 points of damage, and Greedy Aura, which damages and drains MP of all party members. Nooj uses Greedy Aura every five turns. When Nooj gets below 3,000 he will use Lightfall, which will always cause 5,000 points of damage to all party members. Unless the characters are very high-leveled in high HP jobs, this will spell certain death.

Strategy Edit

It's useful to have an Alchemist because of Nooj's MP-draining will render magic users useless. The other two can use powerful physical dresspheres, such as the Dark Knight or Samurai.

The Dark Knight should constantly use Darkness (if equipping Ragnarok she won't take any HP damage from it), while having the Samurai use Sparkler or any other powerful attack, while having the Alchemist constantly use Mega Potions.

Fiend Arena Edit

Nooj appears in the Youth League Tournament in the Fiend Arena. He is much stronger than his Den of Woe counterpart and sometimes appears alongside Baralai and Gippal. He always starts the battle with Lightfall.

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