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FFX-2 Artwork Nooj
Calling me unsent would only be half wrong.

Nooj (ヌージ, Nūji?) is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy X-2. He is the meyvn of the Youth League and an ex-member of the Crusaders and the Crimson Squad, from which he is known as the "Deathseeker" who joined the Crimson Squad to seek a warrior's death. His left arm and leg were destroyed in a battle with Sin prior to his joining of the squad, and are replaced with machina prosthetics. He is Leblanc's love interest, although it is unknown if he returns her feelings.

Nooj was first mentioned in Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm.


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During Final Fantasy XEdit

Nooj in FFx-2

Nooj met in Kilika for the first time.

At the time of Operation Mi'ihen, Nooj, Gippal, and Baralai, along with their mission recorder, Paine, entered the Den of Woe as their final test to become members of the Crimson Squad. While in the cave, Shuyin took Nooj as a host, using his eagerness to die to control him. After escaping the Yevon Warrior Monks, the team disbands at Mi'ihen Highroad. Shuyin forces Nooj to shoot his teammates in the back, but they survive. Nooj dedicates his life to discovering the secrets hidden by Yevon after seeing a vision of Vegnagun in the Den, though he was unaware of Shuyin's presence in his body.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Nooj gives paine a crimson sphere

Nooj met outside Den of Woe.

Two years later, the Gullwings encounter Nooj at Kilika, where he and the Youth League are demanding a certain sphere should be released to the public. Due to the current mission and the ensuing chaos, the Gullwings have no time to meet Nooj face to face. Should the player decide to side with the Youth League, they are given a honorable welcome, and Nooj discusses the sphere's contents. The sphere contains images of Vegnagun, a massive machina weapon Shuyin has been manipulating Nooj to find, unknown to him. The Gullwings can later meet Nooj outside the Den of Woe, which is now sealed, and he gives Paine a Crimson Sphere.

Nooj sacrifices - HD Remaster

Nooj's plan.

Thanks to cooperation with Leblanc, Vegnagun's location is revealed to be under Bevelle, and Nooj heads there to find it. Before he can do anything Vegnagun flees to the Farplane, scared off by Nooj's hatred. He meets up with Baralai and Gippal under Bevelle to discuss the issue, but because of Nooj's betrayal two years previous, Baralai becomes angered and threatens to kill Nooj.

This in turn triggers Gippal's frustration and he threatens Baralai. The stream of negative emotions fully reawakens Shuyin, who decides to take Baralai as his new host. Shuyin, now fully in control of Baralai, jumps into the Farplane, and Nooj and Gippal pursue. When Yuna falls into the Farplane after defeating Ixion in Djose Temple, Nooj and Gippal hand her spheres for Paine before heading deeper into the abyss.

YRP eventually follows into the Farplane to stop Shuyin from controlling Vegnagun. Nooj hatches a plan to shoot Baralai so Shuyin will take him over, and then die himself. Yuna rejects this plan and in the end, they work together to defeat Vegnagun and free Baralai. After Shuyin's spirit returns in peace to the Farplane, Nooj, Gippal, and Baralai settle their differences and decide to lead Spira toward a brighter future together.


Nooj can be recruited as a party member in Final Fantasy X-2 International and HD Remaster versions through the Creature Creator system. In order to recruit Nooj, the player must defeat him in the Den of Woe and must set up a Special Monster Pod in Mushroom Rock. Skipping the cut scenes in the Den will prevent the player from obtaining him. He retains many of his moves from his boss battle and can use any of the common dresspheres. Like all monster allies, Nooj is controlled by the game's AI.


Main article: Nooj (Boss)

In Chapter 5, if the player obtains all the Crimson Spheres and heads to the Den of Woe they can enter a series of battles. A pyrefly illusion of Nooj is the last boss encountered in the den. Nooj uses a gun in battle and has two special gun skills and a special attack.

The first skill creates a glyph under the player and explodes, causing damage. The second skill is named Greedy Aura, and it creates the same glyph under all allies, but causes less damage and also MP loss. His most powerful attack is Lightfall, where (when low on HP) he levitates into the air and creates a giant ball of light and hurls it down upon all allies, always causing 5,000 points of HP damage.

Nooj can also be fought in the Fiend Arena in the International and HD Remaster versions.

Creature CreatorEdit

Rippling Chroma and Greedy Aura are very similar moves. The main difference is that Greedy Aura damages both HP and MP whereas Rippling Chroma deals a hefty amount of damage to HP.


  • Attack
  • Rippling Chroma
  • Greedy Aura


Nooj is voiced by Nobutoshi Canna in the Japanese version and George Newbern in the English version. He shares the same English voice actor as Sephiroth. It was Newbern's performance as Nooj that actually got him the role of Sephiroth after positive reactions from fans.

Other AppearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Nooj appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game.



  • Leblanc often calls Nooj by the pet name "Noojie-Woojie".

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