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Nono (FFXII)
From the Aerodrome to the desert wastes, I'll be there to keep the Strahl in tip-top shape, kupo!

Nono (ノノ, Nono?) is a recurring moogle in the Ivalice Alliance. He is the younger brother of Montblanc, which makes him one of the Six Moogle Siblings. Nono is involved with airships and his outfit resembles a green color swap of the Tinker Job.


Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Nono in Final Fantasy XII.

Nono is the head mechanic of the Strahl. Whenever the Strahl is in port, he will maintain it. It was Nono who installed the new skystone that Reddas gave the party, and it can be assumed he is responsible for several of the other upgrades on the Strahl as well.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit

Mini Nono
Nono RW
He makes nice with Master Tomaj, but I see through his web of deception!
—Cu Sith about Nono

Nono still maintains the Strahl, but after the earthquake caused by Bahamut at the Muruc Cahuac Skysea, the Strahl breaks down and lands near Heaven's Vigil.

Unable to repair Balthier's airship before a swarm of monsters arrive, Nono seeks refuge on Vaan's airship, the Galbana. He initially isn't too fond of one of their newest members, Cu Sith, who accuses the moogle of currying favor with Tomaj, but they set aside their differences for the good of the Galbana.

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

Ffta cast illustration
Nono seen in the bottom right with his brother, Montblanc.
KuzlalalaAdded by Kuzlalala

Nono is an apprentice Gadgeteer who runs a store based out of an airship, called the Brilliante in the Radio Edition. After his airship is attacked in a hit-and-run, Clan Nutsy meets with him at Baguba Port and agrees to confront the perpetrators at Jagd Dorsa. Later on, the mission is repeated when he is "hit again".

He is mentioned by Montblanc for making a "lugaborg" made out of Materite, which was a gift for Audience Day.

Nono's shop starts off with one set of Trade Items, and the list will replenish every time that a game is played over a link cable.

In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition, Nono had already appeared in the beginning along with Montblanc, and was voiced by Masako Jō.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

Nono ffta2sidestory
Artwork of Nono.

Nono never appears physically, but he is mentioned by Hurdy in one of the cutscenes, where he is seen talking to Vaan. Hurdy claims Nono left the Strahl and built his own airship called the Brilliante I with the gil he earned there.

He appears as a golden statue at the bottom of the journal after Sorbet and Horne when a certain amount of missions are completed.

In the Side StoryEdit

In a side story Chapter 4: Hurdy Heads for the Hills, Nono said that if Hurdy leaves later, he would offer him an airship, the almost-finished Brilliante I. He requested Hurdy the Goug Consortium catalog, which could be found at Goug.

Final Fantasy ArtniksEdit

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Nono appears in the Final Fantasy-themed trading card game published in Japan by Square Enix.


The name "Nono" is an uncommon Arabic word which translates into "مشرف"(Musharraf). It means either "administrator" or "supervisor".


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