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Nomad is an enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0 appearing in the third mission. It is a weapon used by the Militesi Empire to scout intruders.

Enemy CompendiumEdit

A derivative of the Martinet, the Nomad was developed not for combat, but for reconnaissance. Although production of the Type-37 Autmated Battle Droid 3.0 fleet was quite costly, the drones' detection abilities easily outstripped those of their predecessors. Considering that their offensive capabilities would be insufficient once combat escalated, the empire first employed these disc-shaped droids for scouting, support, and security during the Great War.


Nomads will patrol the area searching for intruders. When the party is discovered and an alarm is active, the Nomads will attack the party with machine guns.


Ranged weapons are the most effective way of deal with Nomads, although they have low HP and are susceptible to Killsight, and as such, are simple and effective to deal with.

Related enemiesEdit

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