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Final Fantasy X-2 Enemy
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Level HP MP
52 300,000 9,999
Strength Magic Defense
48 244 16
M. Defense Agility Accuracy
244 41 2
Evasion Luck
0 0
8,000 10 3,000
Elemental affinities
Fire Lightning Water
{{{Fire}}} {{{Lightning}}} {{{Water}}}
Ice Gravity Holy
{{{Ice}}} {{{Gravity}}} {{{Holy}}}
Location Farplane
Chapter(s) 5
Common Steal None
Rare Steal None
Gil Steal 10,000
Common Drop Megalixir
Rare Drop Hero Drink
Bribe Amount N/A
Common Bribe N/A
Rare Bribe N/A
Abilities {{{Attacks}}}
Blue Bullet {{{Blue Bullet}}}
Status Resist Zantetsu (255)
Status Immunity All
Other Information {{{Info}}}
Changes color and function when attacked. It's far away, so some attacks might not reach it—but there's no need to go out of your way to defeat this target.

Nodes are parts bosses in Final Fantasy X-2. There are three of them—Node A, Node B, and Node C—and they are fought along with Vegnagun's Leg. Although the player does not have to kill them to win the battle, they give large amounts of Experience and AP, much more than the Leg does on its own. However, they have much more HP than the main boss. Nodes have a chance of dropping a Hero Drink, which is an item available from only them, and Shuyin.

Battle Edit

The Nodes are too far away to hit with most regular attacks, so one will have to use long range ones, such as a Gunner's attack or magic. The nodes change colors, and the color they are depends on what they do. Red Nodes use physical attacks, Green Nodes use defensive magic, and Yellow Nodes use offensive magic. The colors represent what type of damage they will be immune to. Red nodes are immune to physical damage, green nodes are immune to magical damage, and yellow nodes are immune to damage that doesn't fall into either of those categories.

Strategy Edit

Magic is not useful against the Nodes, because they have high Magic Defense, although Flare and Ultima still do some damage. It would be a better to use long range physical attacks, because the Nodes have low Defense. Gunners have some useful skills for racking up damage, such as Trigger Happy.

Another strategy is to use Yuna's and/or Paine's Mascot dressphere as the Moogle Beam and Cactling Gun ignore defense, and when combined with the Break Damage Limit, can inflict large amounts of damage.

If all three of the girls have a Key to Success accessory, or pass through the red gate from the Treasure Hunt Garment Grid, it is possible to get eight Hero Drinks per Node defeated (up to a maximum of 24 from this one battle.)

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