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Nix, also known as Armon, is an enemy in Final Fantasy V. It is curiously uncommon as an encounter, residing only in the waters southwest of the Phoenix Tower. It relies solely on physical attacks, but controlling it will provide the player a chance to acquire Goblin Punch as a Blue Magic spell.


The German Nix and Nixe (and Nixie) are types of river merman and mermaid who may lure men to drown, like the Scandinavian type, akin to the Celtic Melusine and similar to the Greek Siren. Nixes in folklore became water sprites who try to lure people into the water. The males can assume many different shapes, including that of a human, fish, and snake. The females with the tail of a fish. When they are in human forms, they can be recognized by the wet hem of their clothes. The Nixes are portrayed as malicious in some stories but harmless and friendly in others.

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