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FFD - Ninja

The Ninja is a job in Final Fantasy Dimensions obtained at the end of the fourth Tome of Darkness chapter. It has many abilities, including the dual-wielding of weapons and the use of Ninjutsu magic.


Nacht and Glaive dress as formal armored ninjas, while Diana and Alba wear more traditional kunoichi garb.


  • Innate Abilities: Ninjutsu, Dual Wield
  • Equipment: Knives, Katana, Claws, Boomerangs, Hats, Vests


Ability Name Job Level AP Needed Slots MP Cost Description
Flame 0 0 18 Deals fire damage to all enemies.
Flood 0 0 18 Deals water damage to all enemies.
Blitz 0 0 18 Deals thunder damage to all enemies.
Ninjutsu 1 35 2 Grants the ability to use Ninjutsu abilities.
Healing Pill 2 55 15 Restores 30% of a single ally's maximum HP.
---- 3 75
Noxious Gas 4 85 12 Inflicts Toxify to a single target, inflicting periodic damage.
Flash 5 115 23 Blinds all enemies.
---- 6 135
Tremor 7 155 18 Deals earth damage to all enemies.
Gale 8 175 18 Deals wind damage to all enemies.
---- 9 205
Slot+1 10 235 Number of slots increase by one.
Throw 11 265 1 Uses up a weapon to throw an enemy.
---- 12 295
Smoke Bomb 13 325 10 Escape from battle
Stunner 14 355 19 Paralyze an enemy.
---- 15 395
Restorative Pill 16 435 26 Restores 60% of a single ally's maximum HP.
Image 17 475 6 Create two after-images that will block an attack on self.
Assassinate 18 525 36 Instantly knock out an enemy.
Slot+1 19 575 Number of slots increase by one.
Dual Wield 20 625 2 Allows a character to equip two weapons.



A ninja was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan who specialized in unorthodox warfare. The functions of the ninja included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination, and open combat in certain situations.

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