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Nine Wood Hills is a location in World of Final Fantasy. It is home to Reynn and Lann and to denizens from other dimensions.


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It is revealed that the Nine Wood Hills inhabited by Lann and Reynn is an illusory dimension. The real Nine Wood Hills was decimated by their summoning of Brandelis.

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Coffee ShopEdit

Only available in the beginning of the game. Lann works as a barista at the shop.

North PromenadeEdit

WoFF North Promenade

Plaza 99Edit

WoFF Plaza 99

Plaza 99 exterior.

The Twins' RoomEdit

WoFF The Twins' Room

The Twins' Room.

WoFF The Twins' Room 2

Console options

Located by going south of Plaza 99 and descending the stairwell. The room is large and contains various amenities from the twins. To the left of the room is a small, furnished kitchen. The right of the room features their windows, plants, clock, television and game consoles. They have a black sofa and a large white table in the center of the room. A moogle plush with sunglasses is positioned above the couch, as are their clothing. Their bed sits next to the couch, host to a plush of Cait Sith from Final Fantasy VII. Above their bed are plush of a cactuar and a chobo. Lann or Reynn may be interacted with in the room. Upon examining the console, one may view the Mirage Manual, the Who's Who or play Mini Games accrued throughout the game.

Sylver ParkEdit

WoFF Sylver Park

Sylver Park.

Located by going down the stairwell to the top left from the North Promenade. The area is small and contains lush scenery with a massive pond. The save crystal and the Main Gate are located in this area.


WoFF The Chocolatte Mart

The Chocolatte Mart.

Chocolatte has a habit of picking up all sorts of strange items. Thos items can be yours if you're ready to fork over enough of Grymoire's currency, which is known as gil. The Chocolatte Mart's seelction is always improving, so when you visit Nine Wood Hills, don't miss the opportunity to stop by and see what's in stock.
—Chocolatte Mart description

The Chocolatte Mart becomes available after dying for the first time in the Murkrift. It is hosted by the otherworld shopkeeper known as Chocolatte and features items that vary depending on the story's progression.


Initial selection
Name Cost
Potion 100 gil
Phoenix Down 1000 gil
Antidote 100 gil
Eye Drops 200 gil
Rememb Herbs 300 gil
Pick-Me-Up 100 gil
Smelling Salts 300 gil
Wobblestopper 500 gil
Poison Fang 500 gil
Dream Powder 600 gil
Loco Weed 800 gil
Flash Bomb 600 gil
War Gong 700 gil
Lethean Chime 800 gil

Musical ThemesEdit

The Chocolatte Mart features a remix of "FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 - Wishes -", alluding to Chocolatte's identity as Chocolina from Final Fantasy XIII-2.