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Niflheim Map FFXV

Niflheim on the map.

The Empire of Niflheim (ニフルハイム帝國, Nifuruhaimu Teikoku?) is a nation in the world of Eos in Final Fantasy XV. It has achieved world domination bar the Kingdom of Lucis that has defended itself with the Crystal's power. Tenebrae has limited autonomy from Niflheim due to the Oracle Lady Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, who has the power to commune with the gods. Niflheim is technologically superior and more advanced than most nations of the world due to their knowledge on magitek. Automobiles originate from Niflheim, even though the cars made in Lucis are seemingly more advanced.

Story Edit

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Niflheim forces.

In the aftermath of the Great War of Old two thousand years ago, Niflheim was one of four countries created from the ashes of Solheim. Solheim was a civilization that dominated Eos and was overthrown by the astral god of fire, Ifrit. He had broken rank from the other astrals and turned on mankind.

Aspiring to recreate the domination of the ancient civilization of Solheim,[1] the Aldercapt family initiated its policy of expansion, declared themselves as emperors of Niflheim, and begin declaring war on neighboring countries to annex them.

In the year M.E. 359, Niflheim conquered the land of Tenebrae, except the Fenestala Manor, home to the Oracle lineage of House Fleuret.[2] In M.E. 501, the imperial army discovered daemons, a life form unknown to them at the time.[1] Circa M.E. 606 the conflict between Niflheim and the Lucian-Accordian Allied Forces continued, but the Lucian army was being overwhelmed by the weapons of the Empire. The Lucian king at the time erected the Wall around the whole of the Cavaugh region that includes the Crown City of Insomnia, and took up a siege position.[2]

By the year M.E. 725, the entire world, bar the continent and country of Lucis, is under imperial rule, although Accordo is allowed relative autonomy. Emperor Iedolas Aldercapt, the long time ruler, once benevolent and loved by the masses, has begun the mass production of magitek soldiers for the forthcoming all-out war with Lucis. The magitek infantry was developed with knowledge on daemons provided by Ardyn Izunia, who was made the chancellor of Niflheim sometime after he arrived in Niflheim in 722. The battle of Lucis and Niflheim lasted between 2/24-4/1. Anticipating defeat by Niflheim's new magitek army, King Mors of Lucis (Noctis's grandfather) shrinks the magic barrier surrounding the kingdom to Insomnia's outer wall, strengthening it[1], but Niflheim breaches into the outlands of Lucis where they begin to build military bases.

On M.E. 744, King Regis from Lucis arrived in Tenebrae with his eight-year-old son Noctis Lucis Caelum for the latter to recuperate from an injury sustained from a daemon attack that had been orchestrated by the Empire. During their stay, Niflheim attacked the Fenestala Manor where the Tenebraean royal family lived to kill Regis and Noctis, and General Glauca murdered Queen Sylva in front of her children. Regis escaped with Noctis and the incident was covered up and the queen was reported to have perished in an accidental fire.[1] The queen's children, Princess Lunafreya and Prince Ravus, fell into imperial custody.


Niflheim airships flying to Insomnia.

In the year M.E. 756, the Emperor launches an attack on the capital of Lucis, Insomnia. The attack happens during a peace-treaty signing party which was supposed to settle the dispute, and have all of the Lucian outlands annexed to the Empire in exchange for peace. The treaty-signing was a cover for the true imperial objective: the invasion of Insomnia, the theft of the Crystal and Ring of the Lucii, and the conquest of Lucis. King Regis, his son Prince Noctis and Lady Lunafreya the Oracle are all reported dead.

In truth, Luna escaped, and Noctis was not in the city when the attack took place, prompting him to seek rendezvous with Luna and start his quest to restore his kingdom and save the Crystal.

Niflheim begins constructing military bases on Lucian territory and raids the town of Lestallum while looking for the exiled prince. Niflheim also attacks the astral god Titan in Cauthess, but Prince Noctis forges a covenant with the deity, and begins demolishing the newly-constructed bases with his friends.

Aranea Highwind is a mercenary who used to work as a commodore in the imperial army. When Noctis's party meets her in Tenebrae she notes that the empire "went mad" ten years ago and began the process of mixing daemons with technology. Chancellor Ardyn Izunia had introduced to Verstael how to mate daemons with human fetus material, then attached to a robotic magitek trooper frame, and encased in armor. These magitek soldiers are, with natural daemons, used indiscriminately on the battlefield.

After General Glauca's defeat at the battle of Insomnia, Ravus Nox Fleuret, the former prince of Tenebrae, becomes the new high commander of the imperial army. He is tasked with felling the Leviathan, but is sentenced to the death after the sea goddess goes on a rampage around Altissia. He is used as a scapegoat, blamed for the resulting damage in Altissia, and officially sentenced to death; in reality the new High Commander rebelled against the Empire once their plans for his sister Lunafreya Nox Fleuret were made known.


The areas around Niflheim, as well as the capital city Gralea, are enshrouded in a fierce perpetual winter, and the surrounding countryside is an arctic tundra. In M.E. 745, the military battled the astral Shiva. Her frozen corpse causes a major climactic anomaly, which is in stark contrast to the original surrounding deserts and once lush forests. Niflheim had lost most of its magitek army in the battle against Shiva, and had begun developing magitek soldiers that would be strong enough to fight astrals.[1]

Prince Noctis infiltrates Gralea during his quest to reclaim the Crystal, but finds the place devoid of humans and swarming with rogue magitek troops and daemons. When he finds the Crystal in Zegnautus Keep, he is absorbed inside it for ten years, awaiting the day he would return as the True King as spoken of in prophecy.

Eventually the citizens of Gralea die at the hands of daemons, or are turned as daemons through the Starscourge, and Emperor Iedolas Aldercapt is turned into a demon named Foras by Chancellor Izunia. It is unknown what happened to Verstael, though it is most likely he is turned into a daemon himself.

In his death throes as the daemon Foras the Emperor laments his desire to more than just ruling Eos; by seeking to fell the astrals, the Emperor declared his hope to rule over the heavens and Eos.

After Noctis disappears the sun doesn't rise again and what is left of the empire collapses, with the world becoming overrun with daemons. Survivors migrate to Lestallum, whose power plant provides the town with light to fend of the daemons.

Spoilers end here.

Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

Niflheim, also called Niflheimr, is a location in Norse Mythology meaning "mist world". In the story of Gylfaginning, Odin explains that creation began when the ice of Niflheimr met the flames of Muspelheim. Nibelheim is literally translated as "fog-home" in German. "Nibel" is an old-fashioned way to pronounce "Nebel", the German word for "fog", but can also be translated as "cloud" resulting in "cloud home".

The same name origin is used for Nibelheim from the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

An Empire is a dominion composed of a multitude of nations that's ruled by one sovereign leader, generally an Emperor, although some Empires were ruled by kings.


  • An Imperial General named Safay Roth was ultimately cut during development, but a trace of him remains in the "SAF" lettering on Niflheim's landing crafts. Proceeding this, Ardyn's position was added as villain.[3]

References Edit

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