The Niblet is an enemy in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Niblets spawn in Luxerion, Yusnaan, and the Wildlands. In the Slaughterhouse, Lightning faces a version of this enemy called Niblet the Nibbler.

A good place to farm Niblets to spawn the Last One is in the Luxerion Warren, Yusnaan "Death Game" quest, Patron's Palace and Wildlands near the Canopus Farms.

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Battle Edit

Niblet may move around the stage before chasing Lightning and using Glutton. It has low HP and strength, but can be a threat when appearing in groups.

Strategy Edit

Lightning should be equipped with a garb that has a Fire+ or Fira to increase the damage output.

The best strategy is to use Magnet to pull all of them to one place and use Heat Blitz to kill all of them at once.

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Etymology Edit

A niblet is a small piece of something, especially of snack food.

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