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Nibel Wolf is an enemy in Final Fantasy VII fought on the world map near Nibelheim and Rocket Town and and in the sixth round of the Battle Square during the time Tiny Bronco is available. When fought in the Battle Square its stats are enhanced with double the regular HP and its Attack and Magic Attack are increased by 25%.


# Formation
140 Row 1: Nibel Wolf A
Row 2: Nibel Wolf B
141 Valron, Nibel Wolf A, Nibel Wolf B
143 Nibel Wolf A, Nibel Wolf B (Back Attack)
148 Row 1: Nibel Wolf A
Row 2: Nibel Wolf B, Nibel Wolf C
150 Row 1: Nibel Wolf A, Nibel Wolf B
Row 2: Velcher Task
151 Nibel Wolf A, Nibel Wolf B, Velcher Task (Attack from both sides)


Nibel Area
Grass 140, 141, 143 (Back Attack)
Rocket Launch Pad Area
Grass 148, 150, 151 (Attack from both sides)
Battle Square (with Tiny Bronco available)
Group A - Battle 6 148, 150


Nibel Wolf only uses physical attacks, and the party can receive Luchile Nuts, used in Chocobo Breeding, from them.

Nibel Wolf has 1/3 chance to revive defeated Nibel Wolves with their Howling ability. If these revived wolves are defeated again, the player receives an extra 265 EXP and 260 gil on top of the EXP and gil obtained when they were defeated the last time. However, each Nibel Wolf can only use Howling successfully three times per battle.

AI scriptEdit

AI: Setup {

TempVar:EXP = Nibel Wolf's EXP Value
TempVar:Gil = Nibel Wolf's Gil Value
TempVar:Howling = 3

} AI: Main {

If (Count == 0 or 1 or 2) Then
Choose Random Opponent
Use <Bodyblow> on Target
Count = Count + 1
} Else If (Count == 3) Then {
Choose Random Opponent
Use Fang on Target
Count = 4
} Else {
If ((At Least One Nibel Wolf has Death Status)
& (TempVar:Howling > 0)) Then
If (1/3 Chance) Then
Choose Random Nibel Wolf with Death Status
Use Howling on Target
Nibel Wolf's EXP Value = Nibel Wolf's EXP Value + TempVar:EXP
Nibel Wolf's Gil Value = Nibel Wolf's Gil Value + TempVar:Gil
TempVar:Howling = TempVar:Howling - 1
} Else {
Choose Self
Use <Howling> on Target
} Else {
Choose Random Opponent
Use Fang on Target
Count = 0


Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


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