News Eye
ニューズアイ (Nyūzu Ai?)
FF4PSP News Eye
Level HP
? 820
Strength Defense
64 0
Magic Magic Defense
72 33
960 2,100
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Dark
100% 100% 100% 100%
Holy Earth Water Wind
100% 100% 100% 100%
Projectiles Restorative Drain/Osmose
100% -100%Absorbs 100%Damages, supplies to the caster
Statuses and immunities
Poison Blind Silence Pig Mini
- - - Immune Immune
Toad Petrify Death Gradual Petrify Berserk
Immune - - - Immune
Confuse Sleep Paralyze Float Curse
- Immune Immune - -
Libra / Analyze Tornado
- -
Location Rydia: Challenge Dungeon
Type None
Steal Stardust
Item dropped (0%) [100%]Stardust
[12.5%]Gold Hourglass
Abilities Fira, Blizzara, Thundara, Laser Barrage

News Eye is an enemy exclusive to the PSP version of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It appears as a rare enemy in Rydia's Challenge Dungeon, and is always accompanied by six Blood Bats.

Battle Edit

Normally, it will only attack by using Laser Barrage, but if it is damaged by an elemental spell, it will hit a random party member with the level 2 version of that spell (i.e. if hit by a Fire-elemental spell, it will counter with Fira). These counterattacks are particularly brutal and can easily one-shot anyone in the party if they are not at a high enough level; even at level 40, the News Eye's counterattacks can severely cripple them. Therefore, use physical attacks or non-elemental spells such as Bio to defeat it.

Gallery Edit