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Final Fantasy X-2 menu with 'New Game Plus' option.
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New Game Plus or "New Game+" is a recurring feature in the Final Fantasy series that allows the player to start a new game after they complete the game for the first time. Normally players begin with rare items or abilities from their previous game.


Final Fantasy IVEdit

The Nintendo DS and iOS remakes of Final Fantasy IV include a New Game Plus feature, which allows the player to keep any Augments (characters keep any assigned augments, while unassigned augments remain in the inventory), rare summons (Rydia retains any of the rare summons she has already learned, while rare summon items remain in the inventory) and certain rare items (including tails, adamant equipment, onion equipment, apples, soma drops) and the Dark Matter item, which can be stolen during the final battle used to battle the Proto-Babil superboss in the second or third playthroughs.

New Game Plus can only be used to play up to three playthroughs in a row. At the end of a fresh playthrough, the option to start again in New Game Plus mode is presented at the end of the game, after the credits. On the second playthrough, the option to start a third playthrough in New Game Plus mode is presented, however no such option is presented after the third playthrough.

New Game Plus also allows the player to view the ending again in the Event Theater and listen to the epilogue in the Music Box. The map completion data from the previous playthrough is also retained in the next playthrough, thus, there are no completion rewards.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

After completing the game once, players choose a New Game+ option, which allows them to replay the game with all the same items, Materia, level, and equipment they had when they finished the game the first time.

However, all DMW characters are lost, except for Angeal and Sephiroth, along with all Mission data. Zack's weapon returns to being a regular sword rather than the Buster Sword. After completing the game again, there is a "New Game++" option, which acts the same way. There is, however, no new content that can be found on these replays.

Final Fantasy XEdit

New Game Plus is not included as an option in Final Fantasy X, but it is possible to edit a Final Fantasy X saved game to send it back to the beginning of the game, effectively making a New Game+.

In some versions of Final Fantasy X: International, there is a glitch that allows the player to go back in time to the events in Home, and play through the game again from that point. One can also import Al Bhed Primers from a previously saved game by accessing any Al Bhed spheres found throughout Spira.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

A New Game Plus feature allows the player to keep any experience they had gained toward Dressphere abilities, accessories and Key Items, like Al Bhed Primers. All story percentage is also retained, however, certain Key Items (notably, the Spheres) are not carried over.

Additionally, Gysahl Greens are not retained, as this would allow a player to catch a chocobo before they have opened the Chocobo Ranch. Also, when the New Game Plus feature is used once, the player can use the feature even without finishing the game again. If doing the soft reset (R2, R1, L2, L1, Select and Start) or dying in a battle, the New Game Plus-option appears on the title screen.

Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job SystemEdit

In the International version of Final Fantasy XII, two New Game Plus modes are available: Strong Mode, where all characters begin at level 90, and Weak Mode, where all characters begin at level 1 and never level up. Nothing carries over into these new save files. The New Game Plus options open up after the player defeats the game's Trial Mode.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

Although not being technically New Game Plus in the traditional sense, Serah, Mog, and Noel can find special items called 'Gate Seals'. Gate Seals allow players to lock certain locations and redo the events in them in order to obtain rare monsters if they had been previously missed, and choose different options during Live Trigger sequences in order to obtain "prizes" from previous choices that weren't made. However, some parts are not carried over to this "New Game Plus" feature; for example, one cannot redo the Temporal Rift anomalies.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

New Game Plus can be unlocked in two ways; either by getting a Game Over from running out of days, or completing the game by defeating the final boss.

Starting a New Game+ by either method, the following is carried over:

  • All items, except quest items.
  • All weapons, except one sword obtained in the final dungeon.
  • All shields, except one shield obtained in the final dungeon.
  • Accumulated statistic bonuses, EP and ATB increments, and item slots.
  • Gil obtained.
  • All garbs and adornments collected.
  • EP abilities obtained.
  • Any and all quest progression is not carried over.
  • Enemies killed counter for Omega versions is not carried over.

Starting a New Game+ from a save on which the player has defeated the final boss, the following additional bonuses apply:

  • The player can select Hard mode, which multiplies all enemy stats by 3.5.
  • The player will gain the ability to upgrade weapons, and shields at the stores. Materials required for upgrades may be purchased from Adventuring Essentials merchants that sell monster notes. (情報屋, ?).
  • Weapon stores carry more powerful equipment when the player plays on Hard mode. There are also 13 Hard-exclusive garbs that can be bought from the Outfitters, although some of them can also be accessed early via Outerworld challenge rewards.
  • The player receives a key item from the Ark which allows them to increase their HP, Strength and Magic to 99999, 9999 and 9999 respectively instead of their normal maximums which are 50000, 5000 and 5000, but by enabling it, they will not be able to upload their battle scores to the Outerworld service.
  • The player will be able to manually force a New Game+ inside the Ark after the second day in the form of a crystal hourglass. Examining this and confirming their choice will immediately suspend their current game progression. Performing a save and using the hourglass to start the game from the beginning will have the same effect as a standard New Game+.
  • EP may be increased to 9, and item slots to 12 by completing main quests again.
  • The player may complete quests again for smaller statistic increases and ×1.5 gil rewards.
  • Previously opened chests containing head accessories will now yield upgrades for the corresponding accessory for two subsequent openings, and then gil rewards.
  • Previously opened treasure spheres containing arm accessories will now contain gil.
  • Previously opened treasure spheres containing Abilities will remain the same.
  • Previously opened treasure sphere containing "secret notes" on monsters will now contain items that may be sold for gil.

Vagrant StoryEdit

The New Game Plus feature is available only to all players who have completed the game, allowing them to replay the game with the same weapons and stats as the end of their first journey. They are also given the item "Rood Inverse" which allows them to enter new passageways originally blocked-off during the first playthrough, such as the Iron Maiden.

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

After finishing the game for the first time, the player can choose to play through the story again. Any character experience, weapons, and accessories the player has gained carry over from the previous save file. New dungeons, cutscenes, and enemies are accessible in the second playthrough.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of FatesEdit

The New Game Plus feature is available after completing the game for the first time. New Game Plus saved games are indicated with a Crown and a Star symbol to the left of it. All Gil, equipment, experience points and items are carried over from the last game. New equipment are also available to buy and craft, and a new dungeon, River Belle, is unlocked together with a new boss. Enemies are also stronger in the new playthrough, and they now drop new loot.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeEdit

The New Game Plus feature is implemented here, under the name Start+. Virtually everything from the old file is carried over to the new one, including party members and mercenaries, character levels, equipped armor, and the entire inventory.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

On starting a new game, players are able to choose whether they would like to transfer save data from Dissidia. If one opts to do so, there are two options: "New Game +", which carries over character levels, abilities, accessory slots, AP, Player Icons and bought PP Catalog items, and "Reset character levels", which does the same but resets levels, abilities and AP. Both options present the player with an "Elixir Pack" as bonus for transferring data.

Bravely DefaultEdit

The New Game Plus feature becomes available after players defeat Ouroboros. Finishing the game after defeating the alternate final chapter doesn't grant the player access to New Game Plus. Numerous aspects of the previous file can be carried over to the next, and the player is given the option to choose what they wish to keep. These aspects include levels, items (save for key items), jobs, job levels, money, and many more. The player is also given the choice to start the game in another save file, instead of overwriting their old file.


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