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The Neslug is a boss in the Advance and mobile versions of Final Fantasy VI. It is fought in the Dragons' Den.


The head only uses a physical attack and Tongue Bath, its special attack that inflicts Slow. Because of its maxed out defenses, the shell of the Neslug is impossible to kill, and whenever attacked it uses Megaton Smash to KO a single party member, ignoring the magical Death protection gained from relics like the Safety Bit and Memento Ring. The shell uses White Wind when the head is out to heal it for 9,999 HP.

Upon defeat, the Neslug will drop Mog's ultimate weapon, Gungnir.


Firaga is recommended for direct attacks against the head to hit Neslug's weakness. Casting Vanish on the party will protect them from all of Neslug's attacks except Sticky Goo, allowing them to attack without fear of Megaton Smash.

AI scriptEdit


At beginning of battle: Self becomes invincible

If Var36 is not set:

Target: All Monsters
White Wind (100%)
Set Var36

If Timer >= 5:

If Head is inside of Shell:
Head comes outside of shell
Unset Var36
Set Timer == 0
If Head is outside of shell:
Head goes inside shell
Set Timer == 0

Attack Turns:
1st Turn: Attack (66%) or Megaton Smash (33%)

If attacked by "Attack" or "Magic": Megaton Smash (100%)


At beginning of battle (only once per battle): Slowga (100%)

Attack Turns:
1st Turn: Attack (33%) or Tongue Bath (33%) or Sticky Goo (33%)


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