Neo Azul FF7 DoC

Neo Azul, known in Japan as 蒼きアスール イークイップ2 (Ao ki Asūru Eekuippu 2?, lit. Azul the Cerulean Equip 2), is a boss in Chapter 9 of Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-. This fight is virtually the same as the first battle with Azul, only this time regular attacks can do real damage and Azul's attacking power is far weaker.

This time Azul is not very difficult, as he can be defeated easily from a distance and by using the central pillar as cover. Since he is very slow, Azul will have a difficult time keeping up with the player. After Azul is beaten, he transforms into the far stronger Arch Azul form.

Attacks Edit

Attack Damage Type Description
Artillery Shell 100 Hard A blast from his heavy cannon.
Machine Gun Fire 28 Normal Rapid fire from his machine gun.
Ground Shockwave 250 Blow Back A shockwave through the earth caused by his pounding of the ground, easily dodged by jumping.
Melee Kick Combo 145 Hard A combo of melee attacks to a short-range target.

Etymology Edit

Neo is a prefix from the ancient Greek word for "new" or "young".

Azul is Portuguese and Spanish for "blue".

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