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The Negalmuur is a Rare Game in Final Fantasy XII appearing in the Ward of the Sword-King area of the Stilshrine of Miriam. It is a stronger form of the Nightwalker and widely used as a way to auto-level, because it summons undead enemies frequently.

Bestiary entry Edit

Derivation: Nightwalker

Nightwalker of such dark thirst, it is said to cull hallowed souls from the very altars of worship. This strain, as yet unrecorded in the Camp annals, is hunted in the Stilshrine of Miriam.


Requirement Edit

FF12 Map - Stilshrine of Miriam
Map of Negalmuur's approximate spawn point.

The player, once entering the Stilshrine, must spend at least thirty minutes within. Darkmare must also be hunted down (Ward of the Sword-King) and killed. Once all these are fulfilled, Negalmuur will spawn at the junction within the Ward of the Sword-King.

Battle Edit

Negalmuur frequently (every two or three turns) uses a technique called Necromancy that summons a Ghast, an undead enemy.

Auto-leveling strategyEdit

By correctly setting up the party's gambits, it is possible to create an infinite loop, which allows the game to be left playing while the party continues to gain experience. Leaving the game for a long period of time, for example overnight, allows the party to gain several levels with only minor initial effort.

There are two important things to avoid, both of which has the effect of ending the loop. The first is killing Negalmuur. To this end, gambits should be set up so as to ensure that only the summoned enemies are attacked, for example using a gambit such as "Foe:HP<3,000", since Negalmuur's HP is far in excess of that. The second thing is to prevent the party leader remaining KO'd for long enough that the game is paused to select a new leader. The appropriate healing gambits should be set up to avoid the party leader's death, and Decoy used to attract as many attacks as possible to other members.

One early method for near infinite auto-leveling is to teleport back to Rabanastre and buy the gambit for Foe: HP <2000 (also the < 3000 gambit, if the party doesn't already have it), plus Bone Mail. It's also good to grab a Flame Shield to farm some Oilings while waiting for the 30 min Negalmuur spawn time to pass.

Party leader gambits in order of priority top to bottom:

(1) Party health maintenance gambits (Vox, Raise, Curaga, Haste, ... , Esuna);
(2a) Foe: HP < 1000 → Attack (Optional - if there is enough available gambit space);
(2) Foe: HP < 2000 → Attack (If one doesn't want to steal, one can just use the HP < 3000 gambit);
(3) Foe: HP = 100% → Steal;
(4) Self → Charge.

Using Remedies to remove Doom status is not so workable as the earliest the Self: Status = Doom gambit is available is Balfonheim Port. The Ally: Status = Doom gambit would probably end up using too many Remedies. This is why this method is described as "near" infinite; there is still the small chance the party leader might get doomed.

Number (2) on the list should have higher priority than (3), as the aim is for turnover: the faster the Ghasts are killed, the faster Negalmuur spawns more, and the fewer Ghasts there are simultaneously present hitting the party. One wants to avoid having Negalmuur + four Ghasts with part-health spawned and to be stuck on raising, healing and buffing because of being under constant attack, also increasing the likelihood of the party leader ending up doomed.

The party should be equipped with weapons with stable damage instead weapons with high but unstable damage to get the Ghasts' health below 2000 on the first hit from the secondary characters. Alternatively, one could use the Foe: HP < 3000 gambit instead, but then the chances of stealing are reduced.

Secondary character gambits in order of priority top to bottom:

(1) Self → Decoy;
(2) Party health maintenance gambits (as per tank, but is a good idea to mix them up a bit so the characters aren't constantly interrupting their action/cast because another character has changed theirs);
(3a) Foe: HP < 1000 → Attack (as per tank, optional - if there is available gambit space);
(3) Foe: HP < 2000 → Attack (as per tank, if the player does not care about stealing, one should just use HP < 3000);
(4) Foe: party leader's target → Attack;
(5) Self → Charge

Both subs should have Decoy as it reduces the likelihood of the party leader becoming a target should one of the subs die and have to be raised. It helps to have the licenses for extended status effect time (to limit Haste, Decoy recasting) and to gain MP from dealing or taking damage. Finally, having Thief's Cuffs equipped increases the chance of a Paramina Crossbow steal.

The above early method is not fool-proof, as the tank will occasionally be doomed.

Later methods available are to either equip the party leader with a Ribbon to prevent Doom status, or otherwise gaining the Self: Status = Doom gambit, a stack of Remedies, and the license that allows Remedies to heal Doom. The latter Remedy method would only last as long as the Remedies do. The latter method would also mean the party leader would be stealing without having Thief's Cuffs equipped.

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