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The nethicite's Mist has corrupted the life of this place. It is a Necrohol overrun with Beasts. We tread here on a Fool's errand, and we had best turn back.

The Necrohol of Nabudis (死都ナブディス, Shito Nabudisu?) is a location in the land of Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. Once it was the capital of the Kingdom of Nabradia, sitting gracefully in the middle of a gigantic lake. Now what remains of the city is corrupted by the thick mist that covers the north part of the region. The area of the Necrohol that player can explore is the Verdpale Palace, and it served as the official residence of the King of Nabradia, his son Rasler, and their immediate family members.

The Necrohol of Nabudis is within Nabradian borders, but unlike the rest of the region, is not under direct Imperial rule. The location is not part of the main storyline of Final Fantasy XII but entirely optional. During the entrance cutscene, the player is told it is a foreboding place and is warned against exploring the area. Depending on when the Necrohol is reached, this warning is given by Basch, Balthier or Fran.

The player can access the area as soon as the Dawn Shard has been acquired, which means that the game's ultimate weapon, the Zodiac Spear, can be acquired fairly early in the game. In order to traverse the area with a low level party, the player can utilize the Immobilize Glitch.


Necrohol of Nabudis can be accessed from Salikawood or Nabreus Deadlands. There are no Save Crystals inside. To reach the Necrohol, the player must defeat the King Bomb in Salikawood.

Sage KnowledgeEdit

Palace once home to the royal family Nabradia. Called the Verdpale Palace, it once stood proudly in the middle of a lake. Now it stands in ruin, destroyed in the attack on Nabudis two years ago. Though the ghost of the building remains in the crumbling walls, it is wholly gutted and lies half-submerged in the murk. Now Mist flows freely through its abandoned halls, and its glorious memory is profaned by a menagerie of vile creatures.
Sage Knowledge piece 64


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Zodiac Spear found in Necrohol of Nabudis.

Zodiac Spear, the game's most powerful weapon, can be obtained from a treasure chest inside the Necrohol, if the player has not claimed any of the four forbidden chests found earlier in the game. The Zodiac Spear is in the Cloister Of The Highborn area, in a group of 16 chests in the second chest from the left in the front row. The player should make sure none of the characters are equipped with Diamond Armlet accessory, or the treasure will be Dark Matter.

The 16 chests in the room actually correspond with the 16 chests found on the Phon Coast shore, and once claimed, will disappear from both locations and will never respawn. If the player is to open the chests with the Diamond Armlet on, they will contain Dark Matter instead of Knots of Rust. It is recommended to first get the spear, and then open the other chests with the Diamond Armlet on to get the Dark Matters either at Necrohol or at Phon Coast.

The concept of forbidden chests was removed from the International Zodiac Job System version.

Apart from the 16 chests in the Cloister Of The Highborn, there are only two other treasures, both in the Cloister of Distant Song area. They are also Dark Matter if opened with the Diamond Armlet, making it a good place to farm them as the treasures spawn 50% of the time. The northernmost treasure in the area can be the weapon Defender.


See also: Battle of Nabudis

Not much is ever revealed about the once great city of Nabudis, and its palace. Now, the only thing that remains is the royal palace, and it is now a ruin swarming with the souls of the people killed in the destruction, full of regret and resentment.

It was two years ago that Judge Zecht came to Nabudis with the Midlight Shard, under Dr. Cid's instructions. It was up to him to see how deifacted nethicite worked and reacted. The results were more horrible than anyone could imagine, wiping out the city and covering the area in a thick mist. The entire area became a haven for various creatures most vile.


  • Hall of Slumbering Might (to the Nabreus Deadlands)
  • Hall of the Ivory Covenant
  • Cloister of Reason
  • Cloister of the Highborn
  • The Crucible
  • Cloister of Distant Song
  • Cloister of Solace
  • Hall of Effulgent Light (to the Salikawood)

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Deep inside the Necrohol are three fearsome beasts that possess the power to destroy the world. In fear of the their power, three nu mou sealed the monsters away while dying in the process. However, within the two years of the destruction of Nabudis, the seals are weakening, and so the spirits of the nu mou set out to locate a hero of great strength who could defeat the monsters once and for all. In order to start the sidequest, the player must speak to a nu mou found in the Nabreus Deadlands.



Helvinek is a rare game in Necrohol of Nabudis.


Baknamy MerchantEdit


The Baknamy Merchant.

The Baknamy Merchant is not initially visible. He is found in the Hall of Effulgent Light, in a secret room connected to the northern-most area (This secret room also contains a Mimic Box in it). He is hidden in a corner, with the description ???. In the International Zodiac Job System version, the Merchant is found at the Cloister of the Highborn on the northern-most area by speaking to the ??? by the corner before the tiny room.

Initially, the Merchant will only sell Ethers. After the party completes the Great Crystal, most of his inventory becomes available except for the magick Scathe, which is unlocked when the Sky Fortress Bahamut rises. The Merchant's wares are completely different in the International Zodiac Job System version.


Name Cost
After obtaining Treaty-Blade
Maximillian 17,000 gil
Magepower Shishak 15,000 gil
Demon Shield 11,200 gil
Name Cost


Name Cost
After obtaining Treaty-Blade
Ring of Renewal 18,000 gil
Name Cost
Power Armlet 5,200 gil
Fuzzy Miter 1,200 gil
Bowline Sash 1,000 gil
Agate Ring 3,000 gil
Magick Gloves 3,000 gil
Blazer Gloves 3,000 gil
Nishijin Belt 800 gil
Black Belt 600 gil
Rose Corsage 800 gil
Leather Gorget 1,200 gil
Tourmaline Ring 300 gil
Steel Gorget 1,300 gil
Argyle Armlet 600 gil
Bangle 500 gil


Name Cost
Once Sky Fortress Bahamut appears
Scathe 18,100 gil
Name Cost
After defeating Hydro
Esunaga 12,000 gil


Name Cost
Name Cost
After visiting Old Archades
Parallel Arrows 400 gil
Fiery Arrows 800 gil
Long Bolts 400 gil
Stone Bolts 800 gil
Silent Shot 400 gil
Aqua Shot 800 gil
Poison Bombs 400 gil
Stun Bombs 800 gil
After visiting Draklor Laboratory
Bamboo Arrows 1,500 gil
Lead Bolts 1,500 gil
Wyrmfire Shot 1,500 gil
Oil Bombs 1,500 gil


Name Cost
After obtaining Treaty-Blade
Telekinesis 7,100 gil
Name Cost


Name Cost
Before Treaty-Blade; after Bahamut appears
Ether 222 gil
Name Cost
Dark Mote 90 gil
Aero Mote 160 gil
Water Mote 230 gil
After conversation at Pharos (Empyrean Road)
Hi-Ether 1,110 gil
Vanishga Mote 400 gil
Float Mote 550 gil

Musical ThemesEdit

The theme of Necrohol of Nabudis is called "The Forgotten Capital" (忘れ去られし都, Wasuresarareshi miyako?).


Note: areas highlighted in red are hidden passages that do not appear on the map. The hidden area on this map shows the location of the Baknamy Merchant
FF12 Map - Necrohol of Nabudis

Baknamy MerchantEdit


Though the Japanese term for the area is simply "dead capital", the etymology of the English translation is a little more obscure. [view  · edit  · purge]Necro- is a Greek prefix meaning "death." The "-hol" is less apparent, and may be a form of "hollow" as in several place names, rendering it "Dead Hollow". It also may simply be a respelling of "hall". The term has since been reused to refer to any dead (and usually haunted) Ivalician city. The word also sounds like "necropole", which is French for "necropolis" that is used as a term for a city of the dead.


  • While chronologically in Ivalice, Nabudis has been the first to be wiped out with a powerful magick force. This makes reference to the city of Leá Monde of Vagrant Story, which also had suffered a similar fate.

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